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Who is Korina Harrison?- Biography

Korina Harrison once had a connection with the famous Corey Harrison helped her gain notoriety. Korina Harrison was the ex-wife of Corey, a well-known Pawn Stars actor. Corey and Korina were a couple, but regrettably, their relationship did not last.

Being famous was unavoidable for Korina because she was married to Corey Harrison. It’s pretty uncommon to see that anytime someone dates or weds a well-known individual who later becomes their spouse, everyone seems to be curious to learn more about them.

Even though Korina didn’t stay with Corey for very long, her time with Harrison made some individuals who knew Corey or watched Pawn Stars curious about her. As a result, even now, people look up to Korina to find out more about her life. On any public forum, Korina prefers not to provide too much personal information about herself.

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Korina Harrison: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

On December 17, 1982, Korina was born in San Diego, California, a country in the United States of America (USA). She was born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. She is a lovely person to get along with and has a wonderful personality, a kind temperament, and an easygoing demeanor.
According to reports, Korina is an American citizen. Her predominant ethnicity is Caucasian, which denotes that she is of Greek ancestry.

The choice of Korina’s name was carefully considered by her parents. Greek for “maiden,” Korina is the moniker she goes by. As a result, Korina lives up to her name by becoming a graceful lady or a maiden.

Many people refer to Korina as “Kiki” instead. As a result, Korina is frequently referred to as Korina “Kiki” Harrison. She first gained notoriety as the second wife of Corey Harrison, a well-known figure, and this relationship aroused public attention in Korina.

It is well known that Korina spent most of her youth in San Diego, California, the city to which she is native. However, save this information, the media is not aware of any further information regarding her parents or siblings.

Only because of her association with Corey Harrison, a well-known reality television personality and American businessman, did Korina become well-known.

Quick Facts of Korina Harrison

Real Name Korina Harrison
Nickname Kiki
Famous As The ex-Wife of Corey Harrison
Date of Birth 17th December 1982
Age 40 years
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Birthplace San Diego, California, USA

Education, Schooling

Apart from the fact that she was Corey’s famous ex-wife, no more information regarding Korina’s educational background or qualifications has ever been made public. Thus, neither the institution Korina attended nor the university from which she earned her degree is known. She does, however, possess a high school diploma.

Regarding her professional background, it was rumored that she worked as an executive assistant in Las Vegas when she was still married to Corey. Since Korina has kept her life private at the moment, it is unknown what she is doing professionally.

Korina Harrison: Profession, Career

Regarding her professional background, Korina has privately kept quiet. She became well-known as the ex-wife of Corey Harrison, a well-known American television personality.

Due to the fact that viewers from all over the world used to watch the program Pawn Star in which he was cast, Corey Harrison became a celebrity. And since Korina’s husband was so well-liked, it stands to reason that even she attracted a lot of attention.

Korina was Corey’s second wife, not his first. A son was also born to the couple. One of the main reasons why people still remember Korina and are interested in learning more about her personal life is because of her experience with Corey.

However, because Korina is likely a private person who prefers to keep her work, professional life, and personal life secrets to herself, none of those things have been made public as of yet.
She shields the media from the majority of information about herself that pertains to either her personal or professional life.

Korina Harrison
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Relationship Status of Korina Harrison

As previously stated, Korina wed Corey Harrison in 2017. As a cast member of the reality series Pawn Stars, which was watched by viewers from all over the world, Corey was able to establish himself as a household name. Corey works at the renowned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas and is also a businessman. He and his father, Rick Harrison, share ownership of the pawn shop.

Not Korina but Charlene Steele, a girl he had met in high school, was Corey’s, first love. In 2009, Corey and Charlene both got married. However, both of them broke up in 2015 for unspecified reasons. Later, in 2017, Corey married Korina, however, due to their busy work schedules, even their marriage didn’t last long and ended in 2018.

Korina and Corey Harrison dated for almost two years prior to Korina being engaged to Corey Harrison. After courting, they made the decision to get married on May 26, 2017. Only Korina and Corey’s closest and dearest family were invited to the private ceremony.

As Corey never disclosed any information about her relationship with his girlfriend Korina when he was on the well-known reality show Pawn Stars, the audience was taken aback when the news of his marriage to Korina reached the media.

They were both happily married to one another for approximately a year before deciding to split and then forward with filing for divorce in August 2018. The couple explained that their hectic activities were the cause of their divorce when questioned about it.

Corey was overheard telling Blast in an exclusive interview that while he and Korina love each other, their busy work schedules prevent them from making their marriage work. Additionally, he claimed that both parties were best served by this choice because they just wanted the best for one another.

The divorce between Korina and Corey was formalized on September 10, 2018. However, while still dating, the couple gave birth to a boy who was given the name Richard Benjamin Harrison after Corey’s grandfather.

Korina’s current whereabouts are unknown because no new information about her broke out after the divorce.

Korina Harrison: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Although she has a vivacious appearance, Korina is a really elegant woman. She has a terrific height and seems very thin and lean. She seems to be about six feet tall.

Although it is unknown what her exact weight is, it is clear that she is physically fit and has a healthy body. She has a fair complexion. She has dark black or brown eyes and long black hair. Her disposition is really jovial all around.

What is Korina Harrison’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

There isn’t much information available regarding Korina’s work or professional life, despite the fact that she is well-known due to her status as Corey Harrison’s ex-celebrity wife. As a result, it is impossible to estimate her net worth from reliable sources. As a result, the media currently has no exact knowledge of her net worth or salary.

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