Larsa Pippen’s Butt Augmentation Images, which Was a LIE!

Larsa Pippen

Larsa denied getting any work done on her butt during an interview with Andy Cohen for The Real Housewives of Miami season 4 reunion.

If I show you images from five years ago, you’ll see that I weighed less than 100 pounds, Larsa remarked.

My arms and legs indeed appear thicker than they formerly did now that I weigh 140 pounds. My entire body has altered… My exercise routine has made my body tight.

Because of Larsa’s physique and her friendship with Kim Kardashian, some RHOM fans would find her assertion difficult to accept.

The only area of Larsa Pippen’s body that has undergone surgery is her face, she continued. The 47-year-old Pippen acknowledged undergoing the procedure, stating, “I’ve had my nose done. I had work done on my lips.

And that’s pretty much it. Larsa acknowledged that her dedication to hard work had given her curves.

The ex-wife of NBA player Scottie Pippen acknowledged having her breasts enhanced. Larsa acknowledged that keeping up with current trends in fashion and being progressive helped her take care of her body.

Some of her castmates, such as Adriana de Moura, wanted Larsa to acknowledge that she is trying to imitate Kim Kardashian in every way—from her appearance to her baby voice. “You know you pick up some stuff when you are friends with someone,” she said.

If I start sounding like a guy I’m dating, he begins to sound like me. utilizing phrases I use. Given that Kim and I were best friends for 14 years, I believe it is natural.

Larsa Pippen
Biography Zoom: Larsa Pippen (Source: Instagram)

Larsa explained why she and Kim Kardashian had a falling out during the interview

The two ex-best pals used to be inseparable at one point. Larsa clarified that Kim cut her off because of her excessive knowledge of the Kardashian family.

I took a hammering since I was the friend who was essentially there and saw everything, and that was really how our relationship ended, she claimed.

It was an issue because I knew too much and whatever. That’s basically what took place.

Larsa acknowledged that another factor in her exclusion was her extensive knowledge of Kim, 41, and Kanye’s turbulent relationship.

Kim West filed for divorce from him in February 2021, and a judge only recently ruled that she is now legally single.

Larsa Pippen
Biography Zoom: Larsa Pippen (Source: Instagram)

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