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Who is Laurie Holmond?- Biography

Laurie Holmond the most well-known aspect of an American woman’s 1973 birthdate is her relationship with Snoop Dogg, with whom she had a kid named Julian.

The iconic musician Snoop Dogg has been married to his high school sweetheart, Shante Broadus, since the late 1990s, and their relationship has endured the test of time despite a number of difficulties, as anyone who is familiar with his personal life will know. Many people might not be aware that Snoop Dogg had other high school loves besides Broadus.

Before he became famous and wealthy, Snoop Dogg had a relationship with Laurie Holmond when they were still in high school. Because of how close they were, the lady may have imagined a future for them, but when the rapper dumped her, all of her hopes and dreams were dashed. Holmond was left with no choice but to forge a life for herself and the son who would tie her to the rapper for the rest of her days.

Laurie Holmond: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Due to the fact that Laurie Holmond and Snoop Dogg’s relationship began before the rapper gained widespread recognition, nothing is known about either the couple or the woman herself. All that has to be said is that Laurie Holmond was born in 1973 and is an American citizen. Her renowned ex, who was born on October 20, 1971, is two years older than she is.

Holmond was raised in the Long Beach neighborhood and graduated from the Long Beach Polytechnic High School there. Given that she was able to give her child a stable upbringing when the father wasn’t there to pick up the slack, there is no doubt that she had done well for herself. However, details regarding her further educational endeavors or employment are not known.

Quick Facts of Laurie Holmond

Full name Laurie Holmond
Gender Female
Date of birth 3rd February 1973
Age 49 years old
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Place of birth Long Beach, California USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Sexual orientation Straight
Height in cm 165 cm
Height in feet 5’5″
Weight in kg 60 kg
Weight in pounds 130 lbs
Hair Color Black
Education Long Beach Polytechnic
Son Julian Corrie Broadus

Relationship Status of Laurie Holmond

Snoop Dogg and Laurie Holmond first crossed paths as Long Beach Polytechnic High School students. They began dating after falling in love, and everything went well from there in their relationship. Later, it was discovered that Dogg had also begun dating someone else since, in June 1997, he married Shante Broadus, a different high school sweetheart. Holmond was astonished by the entire situation because the rapper didn’t even break up with her or tell her that he was making a commitment to another woman.

She only learned about his marriage when she overheard the radio announcement. Laurie Holmond was shocked and dismayed by the news, and she agreed to meet with the newlywed Dogg to discuss their problems after he suggested it. During the meeting, their emotions overcame them, and they ended up sharing a bed once more. After that, they permanently broke up, and she moved on with her life. Any romantic ties between Laurie Holmond and Snoop Dogg were severed as a result.

Laurie Holmond
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Julian Corrie Broadus, their son, was born a year after Snoop Dogg wed Shante Broadus

Laurie Holmond wanted to put everything concerning the rapper behind her after their final encounter and concentrate on her own life. This was impossible because she discovered that her last encounter had resulted in pregnancy. The rapper was as supportive as he could be without worrying his wife when she eventually told him. The couple’s son, Julian Corrie Broadus, was later born to Holmond in 1998. According to other reports, Snoop Dogg didn’t learn of his son’s existence until roughly ten years after the boy’s birth and then ordered a DNA test to establish paternity.

But according to Laurie Holmond, the rapper was present when she gave birth and paid the medical fees. From 1998 until 2003, he made an attempt to stay in touch with his son as well, but after that year, he stopped. At this stage, Julian was perhaps seven years old, and his mother was largely responsible for everything. Although Snoop Dogg made regular child support payments, he vanished from Julian Holmond’s life, leaving Laurie Holmond to essentially raise Julian by herself. The young Julian’s paternal grandmother, Beverly Tate, also had a significant role in his life and spent more time with him.

Generally speaking, Holmond did most of the labor, and her son still values her. For instance, he once wrote on social media that he and his parents don’t always agree, but he nevertheless praised his mother for everything she had done for him and taught him.

2008 saw the public discovery of Julian Corrie’s paternity, and that same year, Dogg renewed his vows to Shante Broadus

Snoop Dogg was busy with his work and his family live with Shante Broadus while Laurie Holmond was focused on raising her kid Julian. Dogg and Shante had up to three children together, but due to the demands of celebrity, Dogg frequently cheated on his wife. They filed for divorce as a result in 2004, but their daughter Cori’s illness convinced them to reconcile. By 2008, they had rescinded their divorce proceedings and resumed their nuptials. Ironically, a few months after Snoop Dogg’s wedding, word came that he had fathered a son out of wedlock.

At that time, the rapper had launched a reality program called Father Hood that praised families and current fathers. It was therefore rather ironic that the public attacked him for this while he was busy acting as a loving father to his three children with Shante while being missing from Julian’s life for a number of years.

Additionally, they did the arithmetic and came to the conclusion that Snoop Dogg must have cheated on Shante only a few months into their marriage because the criticism didn’t stop. Some infant mothers would have exploited this entire situation to obtain attention for themselves, but Laurie Holmond remained silent throughout the entire drama and did not malign Snoop Dogg. She merely expressed her wish that the artist will try more to interact with their youngster.

However, despite how horrifying the entire discovery was, Snoop Dogg’s wife eventually forgave him, possibly because the transgression, albeit horrific, had already occurred. Even though the rapper’s repeated affairs with his wife since then are now widely known, she has continued to support him.

For instance, Celina Powell, an Instagram model, supplied proof that she had a relationship with Dogg in 2018. Shante posted a photo of her wedding ring on Instagram along with the caption, “A long-lasting relationship comes with a lot of forgiveness and understanding.” Dogg praised her for putting up with and understanding him in return, and she welcomed him.

Son of Laurie Holmond, Now a Famous Realtor

Since Laurie Holmond’s identity as Snoop Dogg’s baby mother was revealed more than ten years ago, she has steadfastly maintained a private life. It is hard to tell what she is doing or if she has remarried, and the only glimpses we get of her are through her son, who frequently thanks her online.

Regarding the son, Julian has graduated from college and entered the world of celebrity real estate. He works for Agents of L.A., a prestigious real estate firm established by Tai Savet that owns some of the most costly and prestigious houses in Los Angeles.

A wonderful development is that the young man has made peace with his father. Julian used to be upset that his father would overlook him in front of other people and would only pay attention to the three children he has with his wife, Shante. Things are now getting better, and he even appeared with his half-brothers Cordell and Corde in the music video for his father’s song, “drop it like it’s hot.”

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