Lena the Plug

Who is Lena the Plug?

Lena the Plug (Lena Nersesian) has not followed what is thought by many to be the traditional path to success. Lena the Plug has had a lot of success in a short amount of time.

Lena has developed a strategy for appealing to her audience’s wants over time, and that is the key to her brand’s continued growth.

Lena wouldn’t have predicted her current level of success when she first started out.

This article will examine Lena’s professional history, her many contentious incidents, and her ongoing endeavors.

Lena the Plug
Biography Zoom: Lena the Plug (Source: Instagram)

Lena the Plug: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Lena was born to Armenian-born parents on July 1st, 1991. Lena’s parents made an effort to raise her in accordance with the Christian faith, which involved being very rigorous about the television she was allowed to watch.

Lena revealed on her debut YouTube video that she would have gotten into trouble for watching a show like Boy Meets World.

Lena enrolled at the University of California to study Psychology after graduating from high school.

After receiving her degree in 2013, she decided to continue her education by pursuing a post-graduate degree in the same profession.

She decided to relocate to Sweden to attend Lund University instead because the expense would be too high. Lena discussed her time spent in Sweden;

“I went to a little university town in southern Sweden, just a short train journey from Copenhagen, Denmark, to study abroad.

The people, the laws, and the nation are all stunning. Their meal is ok, but when it comes to dessert, they are experts. Swedes are incredibly kind but can be a little intimidating.

Lena returned to America after living in Sweden for a year, where she worked a variety of odd jobs. While employed by social networking start-up Arsenic, Lena came to be known as “Lena the Plug.”

Lena began working as a Snapchat model when she grew weary of the minimal salary that regular occupations provided. She revealed to Heavy that her family members didn’t approve of her choice;

I’m not too responsible for them. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but I think they’ll eventually get it after the immediate shock wears off.

Quick Facts of Lena Nersesian

Full Name Lena Nersesian
Profession YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Known for Her self-titled YouTube channel
Date of Birth June 1, 1991
Birthplace California, United States
Age 30 years
Hometown California, United States
Current Residence Los Angeles, CA, United States
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Armenian
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Lena the Plug: Profession, Career

Due to insufficient compensation, Lena turned down proposals from pornographic studios.

Although Lena claims she has no desire to engage in porn, her posts are sexual in nature.

Numerous offers have been made to her, but she does not find them appealing. In her debut YouTube video, she said:

I have nothing against porn; my good friends who perform it are fucking great. I personally don’t want to do it since I don’t have to and simply because I still don’t feel confident doing it.

Because I’m having sex in front of so many people and have to be flawless, I’m a little shy while making this video. I don’t think I’m capable of doing that.

Lena lacks enthusiasm for her work. She simply does it for financial gain. The criticism doesn’t appear to affect her because of this.

She doesn’t see why some people are so angry about it since, to her, it’s just business. Informing Heavy;

I used to be someone who strictly adhered to the guidelines and carried out all of my obligations. I wasn’t content.

Although the manner I now make money isn’t precisely something I’m enthusiastic about, it does provide me the time and financial independence to pursue my passions.

They should be asked why it’s such a huge issue to be naked, too.

Lena the Plug
Biography Zoom: Lena the Plug (Source: Instagram)

Relationship Status of Lena the Plug?

In 2016, Lena and her boyfriend Adam Grandmaison began dating. Lena made headlines in July 2017 when she admitted that she would let her friend Emily have a relationship with Adam.

Emily already knew everything about Lena’s sex life, so Lena said in a video on her channel that she didn’t have a problem with Emily and Adam getting together.

Lena, Emily, and Adam engaged in sexual activity off camera before returning to discuss their X-rated encounter.

Lena received negative feedback on social media from users who didn’t grasp the reasoning behind the action. Lena and Adam have stirred up a lot of fuss before.

The couple had made a promise to their followers that if both of their channels reached one million subscribers, they would release a sex tape.

Lena was once more attacked for the statement, but this time she decided to see the humor in it. Informing Heavy;

“Fast forward a few months, and I start a YouTube channel and appear frequently on his channel with him” (No Jumper).

The “Sex tape at 1 million” notion really grew out of the joke about making a sex tape, and now here we are. To be honest, we’re both really psyched about it.

Lena’s sexual preferences have evolved as she has gotten older. It’s believed that Adam and Lena have an open relationship.

She acknowledged having intercourse with a girl when she was a student, but she now claims that she is not bisexual.

Social Media Presence

She has 2.6 million Instagram followers in addition to 1.6 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

She disregards community rules, and her Instagram and Facebook accounts have been deactivated multiple times.

Lena has accounts on practically all social media platforms when she first began her career there. However, because her posts violated community standards, Facebook and Instagram started deleting her accounts. Informing Heavy;

“I never delete my Instagram page; I just have trouble maintaining it. My Instagram page is frequently flagged and reported, and I have to struggle to get it restored.

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