Louise Anstead

Who is Louise Anstead?

Louise Anstead was born in the United States of America in July 1980 and is best known as the ex-wife of reality television star Ant Anstead. Louise Anstead’s ex-husband co-hosts a couple of television programs, namely “For the Love of Cars” and “Wheeler Dealers.”

What is Louise Anstead’s net worth?

Louise Anstead has an estimated net worth of over $500,000, however, her primary source of income is unknown. She likely benefited from her ex-success husband during their marriage and after the divorce, as Antstead’s estimated net worth exceeds $5 million.

Quick Facts about Louise Anstead

Louise Anstead: Relationship, and Profession

Louise Anstead
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Louise spent the majority of her life in obscurity; she met Ant in the late 1990s while they were both college students. They began dating and dated for eight years, had a kid in the sixth year of their relationship, and were married in 2005 in a ceremony attended by only close family and relatives, with few details made public.

A year after their wedding, they had their second kid. As her husband gained prominence through his job on television, she primarily remained in the background while raising their children.

Many years passed without incident, but in 2017 reports began to circulate that their marriage was in trouble. Ant promptly took to social media to clarify that he and Louise had been separated for a few months, but that they still intended to prioritize their children. There were speculations that Ant’s infidelity led to the dissolution of their marriage, however, this was never officially confirmed.

Shortly after announcing their split, he began dating another reality television star, Christina El Moussa, confirming the accusations.

Ex-Partner – Ant Anstead

Born in Devon, United Kingdom, Ant Anstead was raised in Cambridgeshire before moving to Hertfordshire. He initially attended Richard Hale School before transferring to Haileybury School.

During this period, he hoped to become a police officer. In 1999, he joined the Hertfordshire Constabulary and was deployed to Bishop’s Stortford as a Police Constable. He rose through the ranks and joined the Tactical Firearms Unit or TFU in Welwyn Garden City.

This was a significant accomplishment for him since he became one of the unit’s youngest recruits. He won two commendations throughout his career.

During his time as a police officer, he discovered his passion for autos and car construction. In 2005, he resigned from the police force to pursue a full-time career as a repair and building expert. In addition to serving private clientele, he broadened his artistic repertoire. His works have been purchased by museums and private collectors.

He also played soccer (football) semi-professionally for the Ryman squad.

Initially a goalkeeper, he later turned into a striker and helped his team win multiple times.

Ant Anstead: Career

Instead expanded into television in 2014 and established his production firm. His first project was titled ‘The World’s Most Expensive Cars,’ and in the same year, Channel 4 asked him to co-host the show ‘For the Love of Cars’ with Philip Glenister, highlighting popular British and European automobiles. They demonstrated both the automobile’s engineering and its societal impact.

In addition to co-hosting “Building Cars Live” with Kate Humble, he received other projects as a result of this work. In addition to his broadcast work, he has become a frequent guest at auto exhibitions in the United Kingdom, frequently hosting events. His success has also led to invitations to charity events, school functions, and different speaking engagements. He also produced the show “Ant Anstead Master Mechanic,” in which he uses donated and spare components to build an Alfa Romeo 158 with the assistance of other automotive industry specialists.

In 2017, he was hired to replace Edd China as the permanent host of the fourteenth season of the Discovery Channel and Motor Trend series Wheel Dealers. The show’s budget runs from $1,300 to $26,000 and consists of repairs, renovations, and enhancements. Its objective is to conserve and restore the most beloved automobiles of automotive fans. Frequently, the cars worked on during the event are sold to new owners. In the show, he works alongside Mike Brewer, a former car dealer, and is the primary source for locating used cars to fix and resell for a profit.

Personal Life

Since her divorce from Ant, Louise has kept a low profile, and it is unknown whether she has remarried or is in a new relationship. Ant, on the other hand, continued his connection with Christina El Moussa, a television personality and real estate investor who is recognized for her work on “Flip or Flop.” In 2018, the couple wed, and they have a son.

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