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Manhattan Janet Montgomery’s Weight Loss Trends Online

Janet Montgomery

Find out all about Janet Montgomery, a star of New Amsterdam, and her alleged weight loss. View the Dr. Lauren Bloom actress’s before and after photos.

Janet Montgomery, an English actress who was born on October 29, 1985, first gained notoriety for playing Ames in the Fox action drama Human Target (2010–11), as well as for her work in the direct-to-DVD film The Hills Run Red (2009).

In the 2012 CBS legal drama Made in Jersey, she played the lead role. The show was canceled after eight episodes. More recently, she played Mary Sibley in the title role of the gothic horror film Salem (2014–17). Montgomery has been playing Lauren Bloom on the NBC medical drama New Amsterdam since 2018.

This stunning actress has recently been the subject of numerous internet rumors about weight loss. Has she lost any weight? Let’s investigate.

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Janet Montgomery did she lose weight?

Janet Montgomery
Biography Zoom: Janet Montgomery (Source: Google)

Actors being the focus of fan curiosity about weight loss is nothing new. The most recent name whose physique is drawing a lot of online interest is Janet Montgomery.

In the most recent season 3 episode, the New Amsterdam actor emerged on our screens appearing a little bit smaller than normal, or at least that’s how the fans saw it. This raises the question of whether she underwent weight loss.

Dr. Lauren Bloom hasn’t had the best of times in New Amsterdam when it comes to Janet’s on-screen exploits. She made it through the tragic ambulance crash and a brief romance with another addict in treatment.

But even so, the substance abuse she battled as a child is reappearing and severely troubling her. Bloom, played by Janet Montgomery, is seeking advice and a lot of assistance after struggling with her memory.

Outside of the world of acting, Janet Montgomery is very active on social media, especially Instagram. We compared a few of her before and after photos in response to inquiries about her weight loss to assess her purported physical transformation.

After close examination, we can say that Janet Montgomery doesn’t seem to have lost a lot of weight. Her physical transformation is very slight, which is typical for almost everyone.

Even though she appears a little bit slimmer than usual, there is no need to be concerned about her health because she is in wonderful health.

Janet Montgomery on Her Gradual Rise to Stardom in “New Amsterdam”

Another actress might be blaming her luck for missing the chance to have an initial audition with Matt Damon ten years ago for what might have been a career-defining role.

However, Janet Montgomery, 35, of New Amsterdam has been able to play a protracted professional game ever since she arrived in Hollywood from the UK.

She stated:

Since I wasn’t the actress I am today, I am glad I didn’t get that when I look back on it. I’ve had the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge on the job and develop my body of work.

A highly experienced dancer’s delayed, the cram-packed path has taken her from head-turning performances in movies like Black Swan (2010) to prominent roles in TV dramas like Salem (2014–17), and Entourage (2010–11), Downton Abbey (2013), and Black Mirror (2014), among many others.

In addition to her lead role as Dr. Lauren Bloom in the NBC medical drama series New Amsterdam, she had a pivotal role in Matthew Weiner’s critically acclaimed anthology The Romanoffs in 2018.

About her most notable part, the actress said:

I didn’t anticipate finding it interesting. I am, however, learning things that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn. It’s a pretty exciting aspect of this job that I get to work with genuine doctors who are teaching me.

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Montgomery confessed that even as she prepared to become a mother for the first time in January 2019, she remained certain that her professional career wouldn’t suffer, as many actors do.

She believes that having such a varied life experience will only improve her talent.

Janet clarified,

I’ll get so much more out of it. Oh, you’d always want to choose the actress who has children if [you] were casting a character who had children, I reasoned. Would you not?

In terms of her private life, the actress began dating the creative copywriter Joe Fox in 2017. Their daughter Sunday Juno was born in March 2019 after Janet announced she was pregnant in November 2018.

On November 29, 2019, the new parents exchanged vows in Jamaica.

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