Matty Tingles

Matty Tingles: Bio, Age, Career, Relationship, Height, Net Worth

Who is Matty Tingles?- Biography

Matty Tingles is a Korean social media personality. Matty Tingles is well-known for The ASMR content on his Youtuber Channel.

Matty Tingles: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

On December 3, 1987, Matty Tingles was born in Seoul, South Korea. He is currently 34 years old, and Sagittarius is his natal sign. Similar to how little is known about his family history, he was adopted as an only child and raised in Oregon. Also, he practices Christianity and is of Korean origin.

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Quick Facts of Matty Tingles

Full Name: Matty Tingles
Gender: Male
Born Date: December 3, 1987
Age: 35 Years
Net Worth: $121K.
Relationship Status: Single
Nationality: Korean
Ethnicity: Korean
Religion: Christianity

Matty Tingles: Profession, Career

In light of his work life, Matty Tingles is a YouTuber. On July 8, 2015, he started his YouTube career by establishing his primary and first channel. He has three channels in total, the most important of which was founded in 2015. Similar to this, his YouTube channels primarily feature roleplay, ASMR, and soft-spoken vlogs.

After discovering ASMR himself in 2012, he now makes these films in the hopes of calming, relaxing, and entertaining viewers. In addition, he appeared in the film Reese the Movie: A Movie about Reese with ASMR from Gibi, ASMR Darling, Albinwonderland, and Seafoam Kitten.

Similar to this, his debut video on his original channel, titled “ASMR I’M NEW HERE INTRODUCTION,” was posted on July 7, 2015. MORE is his second channel. MattyTingles discusses his life away from ASMR. He also serves as the host of the podcasting channel The Creator Code. Every Saturday, the channel posts podcasts that reveal the identities of viewers’ favorite internet producers. Also, his MattyTingles Shorts channel posts enjoyable and calming shorts.

Relationship Status of Matty Tingles?

Matty Tingles is currently single and not dating anyone. He manages three channels in all, and he is presumably very busy.

But because he is kind, sincere, and a good gentleman with a down-to-earth nature, it is not surprising that he would find a compatible spouse fast. He also comes off as a private person because he hasn’t spoken much about his personal life in general.

What is Matty Tingles’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

In a similar vein, his estimated net worth is $121K.

Matty Tingles: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Matty Tingles is a hefty man with average height. Similar to how his eyes are dark brown and his hair is dark black, Unfortunately, it is unknown what else this specific heading entails.

Social Media Presence

On social networking sites including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, Matty Tingles is active. He has 19.1k followers on Instagram and regularly posts as @mattytingles. He also tweets under the handle @MattyTingles. He is active as @mattytingles on TikTok as well, where he has 8M likes and 223.4K followers.

Also, he has three YouTube channels, the most popular of which, Matty Tingles, has 547K subscribers.

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