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Michael Galeotti

Who is Michael Galeotti?- Biography

Michael Galeotti’s fame sprang more from his marriage to a famous person than from his artistic ability. Michael wed Bethany Joy Lenz, a well-known actor from the TV show Tree Hill. You should also be aware that he played keyboards for the independent rock group The Enation.

The most alarming discovery, however, was when we discovered multiple sites that claimed he died from diverticulitis, hypertension, and high blood cholesterol. Let’s just say that Michael Galeotti is still alive.

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Quick Facts of Michael Galeotti

Full name Michael Galeotti
Nickname Mike
Birthday August 28, 1984
Age 38 years old
Sun Sign Virgo
Traits Positive– Logical, independent, and kind
Negative– Observant, inflexible, and stubborn
Birthplace Manchester, Missouri, USA
Currently residing Battle Ground, Washington, USA
Nationality American
Parents Mike Galeotti,
Sheila Galeotti
Grandparents No information

Michael Galeotti: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Mike and Sheila Galeotti welcomed Michael into the world on August 28, 1984, in Manchester, Missouri, in the United States. He has a US Marine father.

Michael was born on August 28, making him a Virgo. This sun sign’s natives are kind, reliable, and well-behaved. Virgos are also extremely well-organized, clever, diligent, trustworthy, and nurturing.

When Michael was younger, music captivated his attention. He wanted to learn how to play the keyboard. He joined the indie rock band Enation as he began polishing his abilities.

Music is Michael Galeotti’s life, and he loves it. The gifted pianist also likes to travel and collect stamps.

Maria, his daughter from his union with Bethany, was born to him. We are unable to confirm whether he has since been remarried because of their divorce.

Mike Galeotti, Michael’s father, is a person of great character who respects God. He was raised in Manchester, Missouri, where he was born. He enlisted in the USMC and served there.

In 1981, Mike and Sheila Galeotti first met, and they later got hitched. He served with Wild Branch Ministries as a pastoral counselor and gospel minister after leaving the Marines. Currently, he is a resident of Battle Ground, Washington.

At the moment, Michael is employed by Galeotti’s Wine Cellar alongside his parents. It is a family-run establishment.

Robert and Cathie Lenz welcomed Bethany into the world on April 2, 1981, in Hollywood, Florida. She is a well-known American actress, singer, and screenwriter best known for playing Haley Scott in the drama series “One Tree Hill.”

Her mother, Cathie, was an entrepreneur and a human resources manager, whilst Robert was a history teacher and a therapist. She has two stepbrothers: Sam and Candace.

Michael Galeotti’s ex-wife has been in theater since she was a little girl. In December 2005, Bethany and Michael Galeotti first spoke. They began dating and got engaged three months after they first met.

Galeotti and Lenz exchanged vows at a Hillsboro, Oregon apple orchard on December 31, 2005. The pair let their followers see images from their nuptials.

In a white satin ball gown, the bride looked stunning. She had a simple veil on and her hair was styled in free waves. She also didn’t wear any jewelry and applied minimal makeup.

The groom, who was dressed in an elegant black tuxedo, also looked charming as he posed with his wife. He was dressed in a plain white shirt with a black tie underneath.

After a quick courtship and secret nuptials, Michael Galeotti and Bethany Joy appeared to be the picture of marital bliss. The truth, though, looked to be quite different.

Regrettably, both got divorced in early 2012 after six years together. The problems began when Michael Galeotti developed an alcohol problem, which led to violent outbursts and numerous arrests. Some accounts claim that Bethany made the decision to split with Michael because of his alcoholism. Because of this, Michael acted violently and was frequently arrested.

“As the majority of you are aware, I am very secretive about my personal life even though I love to share with you the enchantment of everyday life. In reality, the only reason I’m even talking about this is that you’ll all soon be perplexed as to why everyone is calling me “Bethany Joy Lenz” once more. Michael and I, I’m sorry to inform you, have chosen to get a divorce.

She stated that even though they had made the decision to separate ways, she and Galeotti would still be friends and raise their kid together. In addition, the court granted Michael Galeotti’s first wife full custody.

Following her divorce, Bethany Joy obtained sole custody of her child and settled in Los Angeles, California. Regrettably, following his divorce from Lenz, Michael Galeotti began to distance himself from his audience and the media.

Maria Rose Galeotti, Michael Galeotti’s daughter, was born on February 23, 2011. She is well-known for being the daughter of musician Michael Galeotti and actress Bethany Joy Lenz from the hit television show “One Tree Hill.”

Less than a year after Maria’s birth, her parents got divorced, and her mother was given full custody of her. She didn’t have any siblings as a result, and she was raised by her mother.

Her mother leads a lavish lifestyle thanks to her $10 million net worth.

Little is known about the complexities of Michael’s relationship with his daughter Maria right now. Maria currently resides with her mother, Bethany, who frequently posts pictures of her on social media.

Michael Galeotti
Biography Zoom: Michael Galeotti’s parents (Source: Google)

Michael Galeotti: Profession, Career

As the group’s keyboardist, Michael Galeotti joined the indie rock group Enation in 2004. Before Michael joined the group, brothers Jonathan Jackson and Richard Lee were already a part of it. Together with Daniel Sweatt and Amber Sweeney, he joined Enation.

Unfortunately, Amber Sweeney quit Enation a year after the group was founded. Despite this, the group gained notoriety and rose to prominence in Battleground, Washington, as an up-and-coming indie rock band. Later on, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

World In-Flight, an album by Enation released in 2008, was a great hit. Even the season finale of One Tree Hill’s fifth season featured the use of their popular song Feel This. Bethany Joy, his wife at the time, contributed vocals to the tune.

Michael and the other members of Enation also made a guest appearance on the program. After a fruitful tenure at Entaion, Michael Galeotti made the decision to leave the company in 2011.

Michael is currently employed by Galeotti’s Wine Cellar, a company owned by his family.

As Michael Galeotti is renowned for leading a secluded life, the star hardly ever grabs the spotlight or makes headlines. The former keyboardist for Enation, however, sparked debate when he was repeatedly pulled over for drunk driving. According to numerous sources, Michael Galeotti even spent time in jail as a result of it.

Several tabloids in 2016 covered Michael Galeotti’s passing. It was first stated that he passed away from atherosclerotic heart disease. Then, though, it was discovered that they were just rumors.

Disney actor Michael James Galeota passed away in January 2016, which stoked the rumors. Also, it seems perplexing given how similar their names are.

Michael Galeotti is fully functional and living. The musician himself actually clarified this.

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What is Michael Galeotti’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

Michael Galeotti has a net worth of up to $3 million as of 2021. Galeotti hasn’t put out any new music in a while, so it’s unknown what his current source of income is.

Despite this, it is obvious that Galeotti leads a luxurious lifestyle given his considerable wealth. The estimated net worth of his ex-wife Bethany Joy Lenz is $6 million USD.

Social Media Presence

Michael Galeotti was active on all social media sites prior to his divorce from Bethany Joy Lenz. Yet following their divorce and Michael’s departure from Enation, the keyboardist appears to have erased or deactivated the majority of his social media profiles.

Despite this, there appears to be a Michael Galeotti account on Instagram with the moniker “butterfly sauce.” There are 298 followers on the private account right now.

On social media, Bethany Joy Lez, Michael’s ex-wife, is far more active. 1.3 million people follow her Instagram account “joylenz,” which has more than 2,700 posts as of this writing.

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