Model Brinda Spencer on Instagram Jumped By Four Women Over A Man

Brinda Spencer

Brinda Spencer said that 3/4 “fat” women punched and beat her, ripping out her baby hair when they jumped her over the man. Brinda Spencer, a well-known Instagram model who has about a million followers on other social media sites, suffered a terrible beating this past weekend.

The attractive beauty claims that four “large” women “jumped” her, calling them.

Brinda Spencer
Biography Zoom: Brinda Spencer (Source: Instagram)

After accusing the Instagram model of acting inappropriately with one of the girls’ boyfriends, Brinda claims that four “fat” women attacked her.

They accuse Brinda Spencer of having an inappropriate relationship with a man who, according to her, she doesn’t even know.

“Thank you to everyone who checked on me, I can promise you I will heal just fine from this,” Brinda wrote in the caption of a post showing her injuries.

Brinda Spencer
Biography Zoom: Brinda Spencer(Source: Google)

“The fact that these large women all felt the need to jump me so severely where I’ll probably need hand surgery is very sad.. and legally they will be held accountable. All over a man that I don’t even claim as my own. people are crazy, but I’ll continue to keep a smile on this now busted beautiful face.”

The sisters tore out Brinda Spencer’s baby hair and shattered her hand. Her head had to be stapled back together, and surgery was planned to fix her shattered arm with screws.

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