Mom Candy and Tori Spelling reconcile after a long period of feuding

Tori Spelling

After years of conflict, Tori Spelling and her mother, Candy Spelling, have been pictured together.

After the passing of Tori’s father, Aaron Spelling, the two had a falling out, but they now appear to be patching things up and spending more time together.

On Sunday, they were photographed having a fantastic time on Malibu beach. Along with Josh Flagg and his husband Andrew Beyer, Tori, 49, was accompanied by her husband Dick McDermott.

The group relaxed by the water’s edge while socializing and soaking up the sun.

Candy chose a lengthy black and white dress, while Tori wore a beige lace bikini top and high-waisted black pants.

They roamed the beach looking for a nice place to set up their chairs close to the surf.

Tori talked with her mother while there while she sat on the sand. Tori and Candy were previously estranged when the Beverly Hills 90210 actor claimed that her mother failed to inform her of her father’s death.

Out of his $500 million fortune, Aaron Spelling had bequeathed his daughter an inheritance of $800,000.

Tori Spelling with her children
Biography Zoom: Tori Spelling with her children (Source: Instagram)

Candy Spelling called Tori to invite her to see her dying father at home

Tori supposedly declined, though, because she was in Toronto filming a movie with McDermott.

According to Tori’s mother, who spoke to People in 2009, she didn’t get along with her daughter and decided to sell the Spelling estate, which had been in the family since 1991.

In 2011, Candy moved into a $47 million condo after selling her $150 million mansion.

In a 2019 episode of Watch What Happens Life, Tori was questioned by Andy Cohen about her present mother-daughter relationship.

“It’s really, really wonderful now,” Tori added. Additionally, Tori Spelling revealed that her children believe their grandmother resides in a manor in the sky.

“When my kids first saw it, they said, ‘Grandma lives in a hotel,'” I said.

On her page from last September, Tori posted a sweet old photo of her and her mother. I understood why I had a thing for yellow.

Happy birthday, @candyspelling, to my stylish mother. We adore you. Because of you, I am a strong woman, and I honor you today!” she wrote.

I will always love my momma. #TBT #motheranddaughter

Tori Spelling
Biography Zoom: Tori Spelling (Source: Instagram)

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