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Nick Cannon in old photos with an Instagram model who confesses to having AIDS leaving a hotel Ingrid Tew

Yesterday, Dreddsworld made headlines when we revealed that popular Instagram model Gina Tew revealed she has been living with AIDS for up to 10 years before making her announcement.

When we revealed that Instagram model Gina Tew had dated celebrities Chris Brown and Nick Cannon, it caused quite a stir. We were never able to confirm whether they had ever engaged in sexual activity.

Many people didn’t trust the story about Gina’s alleged connection to the celebs. A model who remarkably resembles Gina was seen in some old photos taken seven years ago, just in time, leaving a hotel with TV personality Nick Cannon.

Yesterday, the photographs originally appeared on Twitter, sending social media users into a frenzy. Let’s be clear, though. Whether Gina was there or not, there is no proof that Nick and the tattooed women were doing anything other than meeting for business.

Remember that Nick created Wild N’ Out, and he routinely meets with models for business purposes related to his program.

Nick Cannon and a heavily tattooed mystery woman were seen leaving a New York hotel separately while she was being escorted by his entourage, according to a 2017 Daily Mail article.

Nick was reportedly spotted by paparazzi “leaving the opulent Greenwich hotel in New York City and heading to a charity function,” according to the post.

But before Nick departed, a man who the report refers to as Nick’s “bodyguard” was seen escorting a thin, small woman with tattoos to a taxi. The woman resembled Gina Tew in appearance and shared tattoos with Gina Tew.

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