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Jim Nantz, a CBS sportscaster who was born James William Nantz III, is a name that almost all sports fans are familiar with. Nantz covered the NFL, NCAA Division I men’s basketball, and the PGA Tour as a sports commentator for CBS Sports. Jim Nantz is also a co-founder of the winery “The Calling,” as well as an author.

The well-known American entertainer Jim Nantz has wed twice. He had a first marriage to Ann-Lorraine Carlsen Nantz, and he is currently wed to Courtney Richards. In addition, he is the father of three kids—two from his most recent marriage and one from a previous one. In this picture, Jim Nantz’s kid Jameson and his wife Courtney Richards may be seen.

2012 saw Courtney Richards. Since that time, the divorcing couple and their two adorable kids have been living contentedly in their Pebble Beach property.

Jim and his wife Richards had a girl named Finley Cathleen Nantz as their first child in 2014. They welcomed Jameson George Nantz, their youngest child, into the world on the same day.

Jameson Nantz is Jim’s youngest child by Courtney Richards

When Courtney was expecting Jim’s son, Jameson, she asked Jim to call the Super Bowl 50 even if he would have missed his son’s birth. Jim, however, was exempt from having to worry about this.

Nine weeks before his due date, Jim Nantz and Courtney Richards’ kid was born. Jim did not miss his own birth as a result. He also presided over the Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos game at his wife’s request.

Jameson Nantz
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Sister-in-law of Jameson Nantz

As mentioned above, Jim Nantz has been married twice. Before meeting Courtney Richards, Jim was married to Ann-Lorraine Nantz from 1986 to 2009. During their relationship, Ann gave birth to Caroline Nantz, Jim’s first child. She is Jim Nantz’s oldest daughter.

Jameson’s half-sister Caroline Nantz was born in 1994. She completed her high school studies at Staples. Later, Caroline graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree. She is currently working as a production assistant at CBS Studio Center. Prior to working at CBS, she interned at NBC, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and CBS News.

Jameson and Caroline, his half-sister, get along well. Caroline frequently stops by their Pebble Beach house while on vacation to see Jameson. Along with their parents and other siblings, they also take vacations abroad.

Jameson’s parents, Jim and Courtney Nantz choose to lead a private life free from the prying eyes of the media. They also want Jameson to live a healthy life away from the influence of the media. The parents’ apparent goal is to shield their son from unwarranted media attention around his famous father.

Jameson’s parents don’t have any social media accounts under their names, either. Jameson is also much too young to oversee social networking. Finding pictures of Jameson Nantz, Jim Nantz’s son, is so difficult.

Jameson, the son of Jim Nantz and Courtney Richard, is currently spending his days at Pebble Beach Golf Course away from the spotlight.

The name Jameson Nantz has a specific meaning

The surname Jameson means “son of James.”

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