Photos Of Donna D’Errico’s Son, Rhyan D’Errico

Rhyan D'Errico

After becoming 50 years old, model and actress Donna D’Errico has managed to keep her young beauty. Frankie-Jean Sixx and Rhyan D’Errico are the two children that Donna is the mother of.

Donna D’Errico previously had an eleven-year marriage to Nikki Sixx, which ended in divorce in 2007. Since then, she has raised her two children on her own and has always pushed them to be the greatest versions of themselves.

On April 1, 1993, Donna D’Errico gave birth to her son, Rhyan. He was the offspring of Donna’s prior union, the details of which are still being kept a secret. Let’s get to know him a little better.

The talented composer Rhyan D’Errico, who is Donna D’Errico’s son, has written music for numerous documentaries, including the critically praised movie Happy Hunting. He has worked in the music department for the past few years.

Rhyan’s beautiful works provide evidence of his love of rhythm. We hope to hear him continue to uncover the secrets of music and create amazing beats.

Rhyan d'errico
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The House Speaker

It is still unknown who Rhyan D’Errico’s biological father is. On the other side, Rhyan’s portrait makes us cringe because his son Rhyan resembles his father so much. From his eyes to his smile, Rhyan remarkably resembles his father. The caption leads us to believe that Rhyan’s father has passed away and is resting in a better place. Rhyan clearly misses his father a lot and values the time he spent with him.

The mother of Rhyan D’Errico, Donna D’Errico, later wed Nikki Sixx in 1996; they were married for eleven years before divorcing in 2007. At this time, Rhyan had a little sister named Frankie-Jean Sixx and his stepfather to support and adore him.

Rhyan and his family appeared to be enjoying themselves. He is the head of the household and has a lovely mother and sister. We wish them luck as they continue to bond and share more special moments.

Meaning of the name Rhyan D’Errico

Welsh name Rhyan is defined as “powerful queen, or deity.”

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