Greysun James Christopher

Photos Of Tyler Christopher’s Son Greysun James Christopher And His Wife Brienne Pedigo

Tyler Christoper and his better half Brienne Pedigo were wed on January 19, 2004. He was previously married to the Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria.

Tyler and Brienne are parents to a son and a daughter, Greysun James Christopher and Boheme Christopher, respectively.

Tyler Christoper’s kid, Greysun James Christopher Christoper, was created on October 3, 2009. At the time of his birth, he weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. Along with his parents, he lives with his sister Boheme, a princess.

The family of four leads a happy life away from the prying eyes of the media. Let’s learn more about Greysun, a member of the Christopher family, today.

Everyone is aware that Tyler is a renowned nutritionist in addition to being a fantastic actor. In addition, he is the delighted father of a son and a lovely girl. Both of his children share a strong bond.

He tries to spend as much time as he can with his two young children despite his busy schedule. Tyler takes his son Greysun to theme parks and amusement parks, where the father-son duo enjoys swimming and rollercoasters.

Perhaps Brienne, Greysun’s mother, will also partake in the festivities.

Mother Brienne

Greysun’s mother, Brienne, was a pit reporter for the auto racing business. She had held positions with ESPN, NASCAR, and the Indy Racing League.

She is currently a Master Trainer and Fitness Program Developer at Pilates & Barre. She has a website solely for her work. Like her husband, she promotes a healthy lifestyle and diet.

With his parents, Greysun is having fun.

They have such a good bond when it comes to Brienne and her son. She is quite protective of her children, just like other mothers are. When Tyler isn’t around, she is the one who takes care of the little ones.

On the other side, when she is not around, Greysun is in charge. He does a great job of raising his younger sister, Boheme.

He must help her in any way he can, so we can only assume that he does. His little sister is so adorable and kind that everyone instantly falls in love with her.

Sister Boheme is a free spirit

As was already mentioned, Tyler Christopher’s daughter is adorable and affectionate. She has this face that is out of this world when she eats. Her macaroni and cheese, cookie, and Mac and cheese faces are all adorable.

She has a special bond with Greysun, Boheme’s older brother. This picture was taken from Tyler’s Instagram.

In addition, when discussing her, we must not forget about young Boheme’s older brother, Greysun. The brother and sister team likes to play together.

They frequently run around the home, and they play together all the time, sharing everything from the toys he has to the gifts their parents give them. We can say that he is a nice brother with a big heart.

What Tyler Christopher’s Son’s Name Means

Tyler Christoper’s son is Greysun Christoper. The meaning of James Christopher’s first name, which is “grey sun” in English, is English. His middle name, James, has Hebrew roots and translates to “supplanter.”

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