Phyllis Fierro: Bio, Age, Career, Relationship, Height, Net Worth

Phyllis Fierro

Who is Phyllis Fierro?- Biography

Phyllis Fierro, a healthcare professional from the United States of America, was born on July 25, 1960. Phyllis Fierro is well-known for being Ralph George Macchio Jr.’s wife, a seasoned actor. After more than 30 years of blissful marriage, the couple has two kids together.

Phyllis often found herself in the limelight because she was the actress’s spouse. She made sure that she and her boyfriend maintained their composure and never let it get to them.

Phyllis Fierro: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Fierro was born on July 25, 1960. In 2021, she will reach 61 years old. This star’s zodiac sign is Leo. Leos are ardent, considerate, and committed.

The British actor Daniel Radcliffe, best known for playing “Harry Potter,” and the American actor Paul Wesley, best known for portraying “Stefan Salvatore” in “The Vampire Diaries,” all share the same birthday as Phyllis Fierro.

She finished her education at a medical school and is currently working as a nurse. She performed her duties throughout COVID-19’s challenging periods.

It’s incredible that Phyllis Fierro lived the existence that all girls desire. She married the same man she fell in love with in high school and is now a mother to their own children.

The couple managed to disprove the myth that Hollywood weddings are hasty and frail by sticking by each other’s sides through good times and bad.

In 1992, they welcomed Julia Macchio, their daughter, into the household. Daniel Macchio, a boy, was the newest member of the family when he was born in 1996, four years later.

Macchio respects Phyllis for who she is and believes that their relationship has succeeded because of their unwavering commitment to one another.

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Quick Facts of Phyllis Fierro

Name: Phyllis Fierro
Nickname: Phyllis
Profession: Nurse practitioner
Age (As of 2020): 60 years old
Birthday: 25 July 1960
Birth Place: United States of America
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status:  Married
Partner: Ralph Macchio
Nationality: American
Education: College Graduate
Net worth: $1 million USD approx.
Social Media Accounts: Not on Social Media

Phyllis Fierro: Profession, Career

Many people think that celebrities only wed individuals in their field. The tale of Ralph and Phyllis is unique. It is truly incredible that the spouse of an actor who has appeared in films like The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai, etc. has a job in a completely different industry.

Although Ralph is from Hollywood, Phyllis Fierro works in the medical field because she is a nurse. Not just her spouse, but also her kids have displayed some acting talent.

Julia Macchio, her professional ballerina daughter, has performed in a number of stage productions. She seized the chance to collaborate with Nat and Alex Wolff and Kristen Wiig in “Girl Most Likely” and “Stella’s Last Weekend,” respectively.

On the other hand, her son Daniel Macchio is a composer who has contributed to numerous independent pictures.

Personal Life of Phyllis Fierro

When asked how Ralph and Phyllis Fierro have managed to remain together for so long, Macchio replied that he wouldn’t be where he is today without her. They first ran into each other at Ralph’s cousin’s sweet sixteen celebrations.

Both were in their early teens at the time. The actor’s grandmother’s cellar hosted the gathering. The two were introduced, danced together, and enjoyed themselves despite the lack of anything special.

Following that, everything was fantastical. When Ralph and Phyllis got married and made their high school romance legal, it was in 1987. The couple has been married for 33 years after spending a long time together.

What is Phyllis Fierro’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

Fierro is the only member of this family who is not employed by the motion picture business. She worked as a frontline nurse during the present COVID-19 pandemic, caring for patients.

Ralph Macchio, her husband, has an annual salary of about $3 million and a personal worth of about $400,000. In conclusion, it is safe to state that she works hard to support her luxurious lifestyle.

Phyllis Fierro: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

For a lady in her 60s, this powerful woman is remarkably fit. Her physique has always been in good shape. Fierro went to training sessions with her action-loving spouse as well.

It is quite clear that Phyllis Fierro must occasionally work a 24-hour shift given her profession in the healthcare industry. This demonstrates that the woman in question is very physically and mentally healthy, with excellent stamina.

Height: In Feet – 5′ 6″.
In Meters – 1.6 meters.
Weight: In kilograms- 58 Kgs.
In Pounds- 120Lbs.
Body Type: Endomorph.
Hair color: Brunette.
Face shape: Oval.
Eye color: Brown.
Nose: Tilted.
Lips: Thin upper and Thick lower lip.
Gender: Female.
Piercings: Ear Piercings.

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