Lori Harvey

Twitter allegedly discovered images of Donnell Woods, Lori Harvey’s biological father, and a “drug dealer.”

Many people have been curious about the biological father of Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter. Steve adopted Lori Harvey, although it’s thought that her biological father was a convicted heroin dealer in Memphis.

In the early 1990s, Marjorie’s first husband was 68-year-old drug lord Jim L. Townsend. Jim was ultimately charged with trying to purchase 40 kilograms of cocaine and given a life sentence.

Lori Harvey
Biography Zoom: Lori Harvey (Source: Google)

He was released in January 2017 after serving 26 years and receiving a pardon from then-President Barack Obama. Marjorie went on with another man, who is thought to be Lori’s biological father, Donnell Woods when her husband was imprisoned.

Her third child, daughter Lori Harvey, was fathered by Donnell in 1997. The couple married in 2000, just around the time the FBI began looking into Donnell for his involvement in a drug smuggling ring. He was also detained for selling drugs, and he is still behind bars.

It has been hard to find pictures of Donnell. But yesterday, a purported image of him started going viral on social media.

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