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Plastic Surgery by Laura Ingraham- Why Are Her Lips Different?

The complete details of Laura Ingraham’s plastic surgery, particularly her facelift and lip fillers. Look at her before and after the makeover.

One of the most powerful women in the field of political and cultural analysis is American TV broadcaster and New York Times bestselling author Laura Ingraham.

The Laura Ingraham Show, her nationally syndicated radio talk show, is the most well-known in the nation and is heard on hundreds of radio stations. She is one of the most likable female presenters, and both critics and listeners esteem her for her in-depth knowledge of the government.

With his aggressive statements, astute humor, and engaging demeanor, Ingraham is a fascinating interlocutor who has attracted a sizable following.

She is a talented author who has released some of the best-selling books in the nation, including the New York Times bestseller The Obama Diaries. Ingraham, a former politician, graduated from the Virginia School of Law and served as a legal clerk for the Supreme Court.

She also makes an appearance as a guest host on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor. Along with politics, she talks about difficult subjects like feminism, media manipulation, illegal immigration, and radical Islam.

However, in recent times, Laura Ingraham has been at the center of online rumors about plastic surgery. Did she undergo surgery? Now let’s talk.

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What’s the Deal with Laura Ingraham’s Plastic Surgery?

Laura Ingraham
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Laura Ingraham has never stated that she has recently or in the past had any kind of plastic surgery. However, some people think she has had a facelift. Regardless of what she says, we support the common man.

It becomes clear that Laura underwent a facelift when we compare the two pictures of her—one from the past and the other from the current. Her jawline was once slightly wider, but it has now shrunk, giving the impression that she is younger. She most certainly had work done on her lips as well.

Even if you just compare her cheeks, you can notice that she used to have absolutely no cheek contour, whereas now she has clear cheek contours and more prominent cheekbones.

She may have also gotten Botox because her face looks as young as it did when she was in her mid-to late-20s. When comparing the two images, you can observe that she has unusually little wrinkles around her eyes, which is not typical.

How is it that at the age of 58, she doesn’t have a single wrinkle on her face whereas crow’s feet first appear in the late 20s?

We thus looked for several alternative explanations, such as how she could have acquired a facelift without undergoing surgery, given she never confirmed the rumors about her plastic surgery.

After some internet study, we learned that many face-renewal techniques work similarly to facelift surgery.

We, therefore, lean toward agreeing with Ingraham on this. She claims she hasn’t had plastic surgery, but her cheekbones, carved jawline, and lack of wrinkles around her eyes raise doubts about that.

The Laura Ingraham issue

Due to rumors that Laura Ingraham has undergone cosmetic surgery, there has been a lot of interest in her. So let’s find out some facts about her that have nothing to do with her appearance.

Laura is a Republican who became well-known as a national figure before becoming a Fox News host. She also holds views on issues with which the majority of people disagree.

Ingraham is no stranger to being mocked in public. Her brother, Curtis Ingraham, once referred to her as a “demon,” which makes her conservative views clear.

Curtis continued,

Although she is incredibly intelligent and well-spoken, her emotional core is essentially cold.

Since at least early 2018, Curtis, a gay man, has often insulted his sister on social media. In a public Facebook post made seven months prior, he attributed her beliefs to their father.

He stated, along with a video of his sister:

Like father, like daughter, our father was a Nazi sympathizer, a racist, an anti-Semite, and a homophobe.

Although it’s obvious from the video that our goal is not to debate her opinions, it is pertinent given that we have been talking about her plastic surgery.

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You might be wondering how it relates, but if you are a conservative, having surgery is something you would never consider, and to make matters worse, it is wrong (for them).

She has made aesthetic changes, as we have discussed, but not as much as many belief.

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