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Quad Webb Expresses Her Grief Over the Death of Her Brother, Who Co-Starred on “Married to Medicine,”

Having just lost her brother, married to Medicine alum Quad Webb is paying respect to him. On December 28, the Bravo star posted a message on Instagram informing her followers of her brother’s passing.

Sad to say, but I could never be ungrateful to you. God has now beckoned you home. So who am I to get involved?, Quad said in a post that included two images of her brother Quentin.

“I’m glad I have so many wonderful memories because every time I close my eyes, I see a scene of you laughing and smiling.

Just know that you have my undying admiration and support! #FAITHBEFOREFEAR.”

During Season 4 of Married to Medicine, Quentin made an appearance with his toddler son Mason, who is now in kindergarten, as they visited his sister in Atlanta.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, and Dr. Jackie Walters were among the Married to Med actors who left supportive comments on the Instagram post.

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Over the summer, Quad found herself at the center of a dispute and was forced to retract a claim that she had adopted a child.

According to information from May, Quad revealed during an Instagram Live with DELUX Magazine that she was adopting the child.

“We’re thrilled about the impending arrival of our new baby. We are quite excited about her because she is currently in the hospital and weighs eight pounds,” said Quad.

“And we share custody of her with my mother. I am therefore making a lot of effort to set up a home for her.

She said, referring to Ari as a “very gorgeous baby girl,” “I just want to be able to be able to provide her the finest life possible, and I am accountable for that, and she’s going to get that.”

“The news is thrilling, and there are numerous moving parts. We are overjoyed to welcome baby Ari to her new village, along with my mother.

“I’ve been striving to get [Ari] home to start what will undoubtedly be a wonderful, prosperous, and opportunity-filled life,” Quad continued.

“So much is happening so quickly! Since I’ve been searching for a new home, the phrase now means something entirely different.

Given how much my family means to me, I am both eager and nervous. We appreciate your prayers and well wishes in advance, said Quad at the time.

Quad Webb
Biography Zoom: Quad Webb (Source: Instagram)

The former Bravoleb revealed her relationship with baby “Ari” in an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish.

“There have been a lot of rumors, so I’m filling in the blanks. Baby Ari is not my adopted daughter, just to be clear.

While everyone is thrilled about the new member of our family, Ari already has a mother, so my mom and I are playing a supportive role for her.

According to Quad, “We are the village here to assist baby Ari.” We thank you for your prayers and request discretion at this time.

Quad Webb
Biography Zoom: Quad Webb (Source: Instagram)

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