Rapper SpotemGottem, who is only five feet tall, was released from the hospital

Rapper SpotemGottem

The 5-foot-tall rapper SpotemGottem was released from the hospital

Last week, the rapper SpotemGottem was shot five times. Thankfully, he made it through it and was yesterday let go from the hospital. The internet was startled when Spotem’s height was revealed in detail.

A week ago, the Florida rapper SpotemGottem was shot in a drive-by and taken to the hospital.

SpotemGottem “was the victim of a drive-by gunshot while leaving the studio,” according to his legal representative.

According to law enforcement officials, the incident happened around three in the morning local time. A second vehicle approached next to his and started firing.

Rapper SpotemGottem pic
Biography Zoom: Rapper SpotemGottem pic (Source: Google)

SpottemGottem was shot in the hip while the driver was wounded in both legs. According to reports, the driver’s side of the automobile he was riding in has at least 22 gunshot wounds.

The rapper has fully recovered and is prepared to resume his musical career.

The rapper, according to a lady claiming to be a nurse at the Florida hospital where Spotem was staying, was just 5 feet 0 inches tall.

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