Rapper Tracy T Boo’d Up On The Red Carpet With Kash Doll & Her Baby Daddy

rapper Tracy T

Detroit rapper Tracy T is the father of Kash Doll’s child.

On Thursday, rapper and well-known Instagram influencer Kash Doll revealed she was expecting a child. Now that we have inside information about her baby’s father, Detroit rapper Tracy T.

The Detroit rapper shared several images of his n*de pregnancy on Instagram on Thursday, September 23.

rapper Tracy T
Biography Zoom: Rapper Tracy T and Kash Doll (Source: Google}

“The Lord never stops rewarding me! Look, there’s a kid in there, and today is the BMF premiere. I’m very happy! #divineorder #Godstiming, Doll wrote in the description of her Instagram image.

More than a year ago, Tracy T and Kash Doll have been dating. Not simply lovers, they are also the best of friends. The couple is reportedly overjoyed about their pregnancy, according to MTO.

Accordingly, on Thursday, Kash Doll and her baby’s father attended 50 Cen’s debut of his new, popular television series BMF.

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