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Rapper WizDaWizard from Florida was murdered, beheaded, and dismembered in pictures


Rapper WizDaWizard was killed and dismembered.

Early on Friday morning, the body of a South Florida rapper was discovered in front of a house. According to information that has reached us, the rapper was “cut into pieces” and beheaded.

People at the site and on social media claim that the victim was Wisdom Williams, though the police have not verified this.

Fast-rising County musician Wisdom Williams, better known by his stage name WizDaWizard, had connections to Kodak Black.

Biography Zoom: WizDaWizard (Source: Instagram)

Out of concern for spreading panic, police are withholding certain details about his death. Around six in the morning, the body was discovered in front of a Miami residence not far from the scene of the shooting of Jacksonville rapper Spotemgottem.

A rising number of people are worried that gang members in South Florida are extorting, robbing, and even killing hip-hop celebrities.

One group with connections to Haiti has reportedly been actively pressuring hip-hop musicians, according to claims on social media.

Biography Zoom: WizDaWizard (Source: Instagram)

Police are looking into any connections between the shootings of WizDaWizard and Spotemgottem.

However, the individual who discovered WizDaWizard’s body sent us texts explaining the situation in which the body was found.

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