Bobbi Raffel with her husband

Who is Roberta Raffel?

Successful businesswoman Roberta Raffel, better known as Roberta Bobbi Raffel, is 67 years old.

She was a successful businesswoman but not all that well known. However, things have changed since last year. Due to the fact that Bobbi Raffel wed Marcus Lemonis, a well-known TV personality, and business magnate, people have started to be curious about her.

Since she and her husband are one of those couples who have demonstrated that age is just a number, others were also curious about her life. Between Marcus and Bobbi, there is a 20-year age gap.

The life of Roberta Raffel, Marcus Lemonis’ wife, including her age, net worth, and wiki-bio, will be discussed in this review.

Roberta Bobbi Raffel: Who Is She?

Roberta Raffel, the oldest of her parents’ three children, was born in America on September 21, 1954. Mickey and Stephen are her siblings.

She is a powerful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She effectively ran her enterprises, but before being married in 2018, she had never been in the spotlight.

But when she fell in love with and married Marcus Lemonis in 2018, everything changed. She unexpectedly rose to fame as the wife of a wealthy entrepreneur and a well-known TV personality.

Although it could appear that she suddenly became successful after marrying a famous person, the reality is that she had already been a prosperous businesswoman.
However, after she wed Marcus, people started to care about her life.

Quick Facts of Roberta Bobbi Raffel

Name Roberta Bobbi Raffel
Date of Birth 21st September 1953
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur
Marital Status Married
Children Two

Marcus Lemonis is the husband of Roberta Raffel Kids

Although we don’t know much about her previous relationships, we can assume that she was already in one when she met Marcus. She is the mother of two children—a girl and a son—but not with Marcus. So yet, Roberta and Marcus have never had children together.

Despite having a 20-year age gap, the pair wed in 2018 after a long courtship. The couple has shown that age is just a number and that people of different ages can still be in love with one another.

In 2016, they were both attending a trade show when they first met. They began dating after getting to know one another on the Show. In February 2018, the pair exchanged vows, and they have been enjoying their new life together ever since.

About their relationship, they are fairly transparent. Although Roberta doesn’t use social media, Marcus frequently informs his followers about their relationship. In his social media posts, Marcus is even more bombastic. @marcuslemonis is his Instagram handle, and he has more than 1.3 million followers.

An unreliable source claims that Lee Raffel and Roberta were romantically involved. Lee is believed to be Bobbi’s children’s father.

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When Was Roberta Raffel Born?

She will turn 68 this year and was born on September 21, 1954. Raffel, though, will be 67 years old in June 2021.

What is Roberta Raffel’s Net Worth?

Prior to her marriage, she was a prosperous businesswoman in the fashion sector, but her net worth has never been publicly known. People were not interested in her life earlier because she was not in the spotlight.

Roberta now assists in running many of her husband’s enterprises after getting married to Marcus.

Marcus is a business magnate who controls a number of businesses, and Roberta now plays a significant supporting role. Marcus is said to have acquired one of her fashion companies not long after the two of them began dating.

It is challenging to estimate Roberta Raffel’s wealth. She has, however, made investments in her husband’s businesses, so we can conclude that her net worth is in the millions of dollars.

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