Sedona Prince

Sedona Prince and Rylee LeGlue formally ended their relationship a few weeks ago, claiming it was a mutually beneficial choice.

LeGlue has now accused Prince of cheating twice. It appears that their breakup wasn’t as amicable and healthy as it once seemed. When she did, the internet began to inquire, and comments on Prince’s social media posts flooded in.

Sedona Prince made the decision to address the accusations in a since-deleted TikTok video due to the pressure. The basketball player uploaded 2-minute, 38-second footage of her first dog kissing on August 15, 2022.

Then Sedona Prince started speaking, saying, “Alright! Although I really didn’t want to, I must handle this because it has gotten out of hand. I shouldn’t have done it, but last night I shared an angry Snapchat. That was dramatic and foolish.

But Rylee remarked as a result, which let the flood’s gates open. Additionally, there is no context, and you guys know nothing. So allow me to at least provide you with some peace of mind.

Sedona Prince then pleaded with her supporters to disregard her “puffy eyes” because she had been sobbing for a few days. Yes, I cheated [on Rylee], she continued. I cheated once, and it was the worst decision I’ve ever made. Cheating is never acceptable.

I won’t give you one, therefore. It was twisted up, and my head was spinning. After Rylee and I recovered, we took a break for a few months. And during that break, I started seeing someone at a party, and when other students discovered it, the infidelity allegations began.

As Prince spoke, she repeated that getting together with someone else was a bad idea, even though it wasn’t necessarily cheating because she and LeGlue weren’t dating

She continued, “And I still regret that a great deal to this day”

“We ought to have split up [following the aforementioned cheating]? Absolutely. We didn’t, though. We stayed together because we wanted to get better, and as a result, we were able to get past it and get very healthy and happy.

Then, on my birthday, I discovered that Rylee had been having an extramarital affair with a person with whom she had been friends ever since our relationship began. I was torn in two by it, and I lost myself for a very long time, but I forgave her because she had done the same for me.

We moved in together, I stopped thinking about it, and that was the end of it. Although our relationship was lovely, it wasn’t necessarily a healthy and amicable breakup when we said it was over. We may both conclude that we aren’t a good match for one another.

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She discussed the reasons behind posting the Snapchat stories

As it resulted in all of these revelations, as Prince approached the conclusion of her video. “I shared the Snapchat last night because I am so upset that Rylee has reconnected with the person she cheated on me,” the woman claimed.

“And while I’m not sure if they’re pursuing anything, this truly depresses me. I believe it merely demonstrates her lack of regret and her lack of genuine regret for what she did. I wish her nothing but the best, but it’s her life and her journey.

But I just find it so heartbreaking how Rylee handled the breakup, and I just want it to be finished. “I apologize for posting that on Snapchat; I shouldn’t have done so, and I didn’t plan to stir any trouble. 

Then she continued, “Here is the information you people [expletive] wanted,” and she pleaded with her fans not to send LeGlue any hate mail. I didn’t want to start this, but I did, and I’m going to finish it now. That’s it, then. We will part ways and most likely never speak again.

Prince shared the aforementioned Snapchat story. “Can my soulmate please enter my life? I’m weary of wasting time, money, energy, and love on women that traumatize me,” was written next to a picture of herself.

Prince quickly deleted the Instagram story, but some bystanders captured it on camera, and the image quickly went viral. In addition, Prince published a lip-sync video on TikTok in which she claimed LeGlue already has a new lover; the video has since been taken down.

LeGlue responded to a fan’s message after people began asking her what was going on in the wake of these incidents. LeGlue’s response was succinct but direct: “She [Prince] cheated on me twice,” she wrote.

Fans of Prince and LeGlue are now more perplexed and questioning whether infidelity was the primary cause of the lesbian couple’s breakup as a result of these disclosures.

On TikTok, Prince and LeGlue was a well-known pair who frequently shared videos together

They declared their mutual decision to end their relationship on July 31, 2022, after having started dating on March 10, 2021.

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