Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye-Ji, a Korean actress known for the films It’s Okay Not to Be Okay and Recalled, has attracted a lot of attention abroad.

Not just because she is a gifted young woman, but also because of the recent controversy surrounding her ex-boyfriend, Kim Jung Hyun.

Yea-Ji managed to win the Baeksang Arts Award for Most Popular Actress of this Year despite the revelation damaging her reputation.

She has a long history in the field. Yea-Ji made her television debut in the comedy Potato Star 2013QR3 before moving on to her most well-known drama, It was Okay Not to Be Okay.

Who is the boyfriend of Seo Ye-Ji?

Three years ago, on the set of the movie Stay With Me, Seo Ye-Ji and Jung Hyun became friends and later began dating.

Before the contentious text messages started to have an impact on their relationship and profession, their relationship appeared to be ideal like that of other Korean idols.

The strange behavior of Kim Jung Hyun at the press conference for his drama, Time, was covered by Seo Ye-Ji in April of last year, according to the Korean entertainment news outlet Dispatch.

According to a report by Dispatch, Jung Hyun personally asked for a lot of the physical interaction between the main character and his co-star to be minimized or even completely removed from the broadcast version of the script from Time.

According to reports, Ye-Ji convinced her ex-boyfriend Jung Hyun to avoid excessive physical contact with his co-star in the show.

The screenshotted text exchange between her and Jung Hyun was widely circulated online not long after the Dispatch’s report.

“I didn’t acknowledge a female employee today. I was pretty stiff around other people,” Jung Hyun admitted in the text.

I made it clear to Director Jang once more that I won’t do romance, he continued, adding, “The writing for episode 9 is complete, but I think it will need to be completely reworked.”

However, it was Ye-responses Ji’s that annoyed a lot of people. Haha, okay, she responded. Continue acting stiffly, and “Do a good job with the changes.”

Ye-clear Ji’s request to Jung Hyun to alter the bulk of the script has the potential to seriously harm her ex-career lover She didn’t appear to care, though.

The media continued to receive more and more of the screenshotted text exchanges as they spread. Ye-Ji can even be seen requesting that everything be changed to ensure that there is no chemistry and no physical touch.

Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun
Biography Zoom: Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun and Kim Jung Hyun (Source: Google)

When the crew and staff began to converse, further evidence about the allegations was provided, did Ye-agency Ji refuse?

Since we all know that texts may be altered and rewritten, some people, especially Ye-supporters, Ji’s were once dubious about the message’s veracity.

It was impossible to script and modify what the Time crew members had stated, and some of the team members even confirmed that Jung Hyun continued demanding to alter the screenplay.

“On set, he incessantly demanded screenplay revisions. He emphasized the value of platonic love and asked that any physical touch be avoided.

He would abruptly go outdoors and start gagging if things didn’t go his way, a staff member told Soompi.

Ye-reputation Ji has gotten worse after the discovery from some of the staff and production, particularly after she skipped the press conference for her upcoming movie Recalled.

In addition, despite winning Best Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards for her role in It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, Ye-Ji didn’t even show there.

Ye-agency Ji’s GOLD MEDALIST instantly declared that the actress will not be attending due to some “personal issues” following the 57th Baeksang Arts Award nominations ever.

Naturally, many others had created their own conjectures; after all, it would be hard to avoid doing so.

From Ye-perspective, Ji’s the GOLD MEDALIST vehemently refuted the rumor and responded to the widely circulated text messages.

According to the article, the management had gotten confirmation from Kim Jung Hyun’s side that Seo Ye Ji was not the cause of the problem.

Kim Jung Hyun also asked Seo Ye Ji, who was filming a different drama, to avoid filming kiss sequences, according to the agency. This is not visible in the conversations that were published.

Then you shouldn’t do it either,” Seo Ye Ji advised him amid chats between couples who appeared envious of one another’s physical contact.

This could be interpreted as a typical romantic argument between two actors who are dating.

All performers, however, put their disagreements with their partners aside during filming and conduct themselves normally.

Despite admitting to changing the script, why didn’t Kim Jung Hyun mention Seo Ye-Ji at all?

It appears that both parties have assigned guilt to the other’s side.

Even while the article said that Jung Hyun’s agency will quickly share his version, up until this moment, all we had from him was his depressingly lengthy Instagram remark, which showed that he was at the lowest point in his life when the controversy started.

“The drama Time was also a very memorable production to me because it was the first film in which I played the lead part.

But I caused the director, scriptwriter, my cast mates, and the staff great disappointment and pain. The Mr. Queen actor wrote, “I’m sorry.

Does this imply that Jung Hyun himself had acknowledged making numerous script modifications in order to accommodate his girlfriend’s request? Still difficult to determine.

It appears, nonetheless, that he didn’t say outright that Seo Ye-Ji was the source of his conduct.

He went on to say, “Instead, I brought the shameful episode upon myself owing to personal concerns. I failed to carry out my obligations as the drama’s protagonist and as an actor.

Another public perception of what is transpiring between Jung Hyun and Ye-Ji has been influenced by Jung Hyun’s work.

After an anonymous PR firm asserted that Jung Hyun suffered from despair and insomnia, the situation worsened. Therefore, it’s probable that he concocted Seo Ye-entire Ji’s predicament as well.

According to a statement from the PR firm, “Kim Jung-Hyun has been seeking therapy at a hospital for depression and insomnia that have afflicted him since the beginning of his profession as an actor.”

One thing is certain, though: Ye-mental Ji’s state has gotten worse as a result of this predicament.

Because there hasn’t been any resolution to this issue, people and the media continue to speculate about whether Ye-Ji was the one who managed and tricked Jung-Hyun. We can’t draw any conclusions just yet.

But people, don’t stop there just yet. The actress from It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, who is regarded as the most contentious Korean actress this year, has another trait that is important to know.

The Actress Seo Ye-Past Ji’s Was Revealed: Does She Have Plastic Surgery?

Seo Ye-career Ji’s declined after the issues, however, she wasn’t totally cut off from the business either.

Numerous firms have reportedly terminated their contracts with Ye-Ji, according to some well-known Korean entertainment publications.

Even more, sponsorship was cut off for her in the future. In addition, the actress herself left her eagerly anticipated series, Island.

Of course, once the debate started, people became quite curious about Ye-Ji, particularly in South Korea.

Many individuals continued to look into Ye-past’s, and Ji’s, and alarming information about her plastic surgery and history as a bully in high school also began to circulate.

Since Ye-Ji released a photo of herself in high school that she claimed to be herself in, and she looked exactly the same, it was a well-known misconception that she had never undergone any plastic surgery.

But a recent post with the subject “Is this Seo Ye-Ji?” and a picture of a completely different person prompted a lot of inquiries.

She had plastic surgery in middle school, according to some people who said, “That is her, it has her name on it, and it’s uncommon for someone to have the same name as her with that dress.”

Ye-Ji remained silent about this just as she had done regarding her conflict with Jung Hyun.

Did Seo Ye-Ji Bully Everyone in Middle School?

The fact that Seo Ye-Ji was a bully in middle school and even lied about attending school in Madrid is another piece of bad news about her that first surfaced in 2014 but has just come to light again.

A netizen claimed in March 2014 that Ye-Ji had harassed her in high school, writing, “Seo Ye-Ji harassed me in middle school and even threatened to extort me.”

There were other people who said that. Another internet user revealed that Ye-Ji had harassed them in middle school a month later.

She also mentioned Ye-plastic Ji’s surgery practice, which she kept quiet about.

People couldn’t believe the images were of Seo Ye-Ji since she had plastic surgery around the time of her middle school graduation, she claimed.

Everyone in middle school knew her, the person continued. She was a bully who also stole money from others.

People who were born in 1990 and attended Yeongwon Junior High School in Yeongdeungpo would be familiar with this girl if you asked them.

Due to Ye-poor Ji’s reputation following her controversy with Jung Hyun, an increasing number of people who identified themselves as “Ye-pals” Ji’s in middle school continued to exist.

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