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Shelly Loraine Kearns Wiki/Biography

Shelly Loraine Kearns is an American woman best known for being Christina Aguilera’s mother. Shelly Loraine Kearns is a former teacher who favors anonymity and avoiding the spotlight.

Christina is a well-known vocalist who has performed songs like “What a Girl Wants,” “Genie in a Bottle,” and others.

Kearns was born in Rochester, Pennsylvania, on March 23, 1960. Her age is 63 years old as of 2023.

She was born under the sign of Aries and went by the name Shelly Loraine Fidler. Her parents were Lowell and Delcie Fidler when she was born. She is an adult who was raised in Rochester and has German American background.

Loraine is a smart woman with at least a bachelor’s degree, but for several private reasons, she hasn’t stated the field in which she earned it. She is believed to be a musician, thus she might have a degree in the arts.

What is the net worth of Shelly Loraine Kearns?

A retired teacher and private person, Shelly Loraine Kearns is not well-known in the media. As a result, we are unable to locate any information regarding her net worth.

However, Christina has made a fortune through her singing career. Various reliable online sites estimate her net worth to be a stunning $160 million.

Quick Facts of Shelly Loraine Kearns

Full Name Shelly Loraine Kearns
Height 155cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1960/3/23
Birth Country USA
Birth Place Rochester, Pennsylvania
Horoscope Aries
Ethnicity Mixed
Father Name Lowell Fidler
Mother Name Delcie Fidler
Sexual Orientation Straight


Kearns, a retired educator, worked primarily in classrooms during her career. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she started teaching, and she has done so ever since.

There isn’t much information regarding where she taught or how many places she taught because this information isn’t accessible to the general public. We do, however, know that she was a musician as well as a school teacher who instructed children in music.

Family, Husband, Relationship

Shelly Kearns is a contentedly married mother of four kids. She has experienced challenging relationships in the past and has been married twice.

Her first husband was an American soldier named Fausto Xavier Aguilera.

Due to Aguilera’s work commitments, they got married in 1980 and moved around a lot while they were dating. They had their own home in Staten Island, New York, despite traveling around a lot. Stephanie Aguilera was born in 1990, Rachel Aguilera in 1986, and Christina Aguilera in December 1980.

After her divorce from Aguilera, she remarried in 1991 to Jim Kearns and changed her last name from Aguilera to Kearns. The couple’s son, Mikey Kearns, was born in 1996.

Kearns’ first husband’s divorce was for what reason?

Kearns and Aguilera got hitched in 1980. She was subjected to a lot of emotional and physical abuse by her spouse, thus she was never able to live a happy life there.

Christina, her daughter, claims that he used to physically assault her every day and yell at her nonstop. In addition, she claimed that her father beat her and her sisters when they were growing up.

Kearns endured the abuse for seven years before giving up and filing for divorce. In 1987, she and he got divorced, and she was given custody of their three kids. Regarding her and her mother being mistreated by her father, Christina penned the song “Oh Mother” for the album Back To Basics in 2006.

Who is Christina Aguilera?

She is an American singer and songwriter and the eldest child of Shelly Loraine. In 1980, on December 18th, Christina was born. She was born to Shelly Loraine and Fausto Xavier Aguilera in New York City, New York. With Stephanie and Rachel Aguilera as her sisters and Mikey Kearns as her stepbrother, Christina is the oldest of three girls.

She had taken music lessons since she was a young child, and she used to sing and write poetry. Christina utilized music to escape the psychological pain she was going through at the time because her father had been beating her up constantly on an emotional and physical level. Seeing what was happening to her mother, who was going through the same thing at the time, traumatized her as well. She picked up the piano while living in Rochester with her grandma. Since she was a little girl, she had always had a wonderful voice and frequently sang at community events. She also performed the US national anthem at one of the state-sponsored events at that time.

Her professional career began in 1993 when she was chosen to be one of the Mouseketeers in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club alongside Keri Russell, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and Brittany Spears.

She has so far released nine albums and countless songs, among them the hits Oh Mother, Gennie in a Bottle, and What a Girl Wants. Christina has been in musical movies including Burlesque, The Emoji Movie, and others as an actress and reality TV star.

She is currently engaged to set assistant Matthew Rutler. While they were filming Burlesque together, Christina and her co-star were in a relationship, and on February 14, 2014, they announced their engagement. Summer Rain, their daughter, was born to them on August 16, 2014. She wed the producer Jordan Bratman in 2005; the couple share a kid named Max Bratman. They divorced in 2011, following their separation in 2010.


She is a calm, unobtrusive woman who has little to no experience dealing with the media, as was already stated. She’s never been the type of person who likes to stir things up.

Because she spends most of her time with her close circle, which includes her family, she has never been associated with any issue in her professional life.

Physical Appearance (Height, Weight)

Shelly Loraine Kearns is a small woman in her early sixties who stands 5 feet 1 inch tall. She is the mother of the singer Christina Aguilera. She is a 70-kilogram overweight woman.

At a mall, Shelly was observed. @Just Jared is the source. Her eyes and hair are both dark shades of black. Although it is not possible to find her exact body size, the woman is overweight.

Social Handle

Shelly Loraine Kearns is a demure woman who shuns attention and is infrequently spotted out in public with her daughter. Currently, she is not active on any of the social media sites where people can follow her life.

On the other hand, her daughter has several social media accounts. As of June 20, 2022, her verified Instagram account with the handle @xtina had 8.3 million followers.

The subject of rumors is Shelly Loraine Kearns.

Shelly Loraine Kearns is a private, secretive person who doesn’t frequently appear in public. She loves to be quiet and avoid the spotlight when it comes to her private life.

Because of this, there have been no media reports on the 62-year-old that have aroused anyone’s curiosity.

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