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Who Is Skylar Staten Randall?

Skylar Staten Randall is well-known in the United States as a celebrity child. Skylar Staten Randall is a well-known outdoor and kid’s photographer.

Due to his relationship with Sandra Bullock, an Oscar-winning actress, her father’s fame increased even more.

Skylar Staten Randall: Age, Ethnicity, Birth, Parents

The precise date of Skylar Staten Randall’s birth is unknown and unconfirmed. However, it is said that she was 22 years old at the time in 2015 report by The Daily Mail UK.

She was born in 1993, which means, she will be 29 years old. Regarding her actual site of birth, nothing is known. Speaking of her family, her parents are Bryan Randall and Janine Staten.

Bryan entered a drug recovery program while his mother was carrying her. Her father was able to overcome the addiction after the rehab was over.

Her mother’s heroin addiction persisted, though. This ultimately resulted in Janine overdosing on heroin and passing away.

Her mother’s body developed septic shock from heroin use, and she died in a coma. On December 6, 2003, Janine was admitted to the hospital.

On January 7, 2004, she eventually passed away in a coma. Janine was residing with her mother and her partner Michael Blankenship at the time of her demise.

They were tenants at a house in Medford, Oregon. Her stepfather is a heroin dealer and an openly addicted person.

She spent her childhood living with her grandmother, Pierrette Johnson, after the death of her mother. Sadly, her grandmother died on February 17, 2009, just a few years later.

Little of her childhood was spent with her father. Even for unpaid child support, Bryan was sued.

According to court documents that we exclusively received from an Oregon court, Bryan was mandated to pay $187 each month in child support.

On February 20, 2004, a county sheriff served papers to Bryan. After she failed to make her child support payments, this happened.

A judge decided that her father had to pay her mother $1,870 in back child support.

Her mother was due unpaid child support from her father when she died away, according to the date on the legal document.

Her father was then residing in Portland, Oregon, with a committed partner.

Despite this, Bryan Randall acquired care of her once her grandma passed away and showed up. Later, Bryan relocated her to Los Angeles.

The girl went to high school there. She went to college in Arizona, but after graduation, she returned to Los Angeles.

Her father Bryan became her guardian after the passing of both her mother and grandmother. She was only 14 years old when this incident occurred.

Profession Life, Career

Skylar Staten Randall in a childhood photograph
Biography Zoom: Skylar Staten Randall in a childhood photograph (Source: Google)

Bryan Randall, a well-known professional photographer based in Los Angeles, has a daughter named Skylar Staten Randall.

Most people are familiar with her father through his outdoor and family photos.

Additionally, her father is well-known for dating Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock. Sandra and Bryan first met in January 2015.

This happened after a friend suggested Bryan help shoot Sandra’s son’s birthday party.

Her father was previously a fashion model before he rose to fame as a photographer. Even the columns of Vogue Paris featured her father.

Hugo Boss and Saint Laurent are two other well-known designers whose clothing Bryan has donned.

In addition, her father shared a spread with Cindy Crawford in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore in 2011.

She has entirely split herself off from that celebrity world when she talks about her relationship with her father and the family of his mistress.

She hardly ever talks about Bryan and Sandra despite being their celebrity child. She also doesn’t want the wealth that belongs to her famous father and his family.

The young lady also avoids going out in public with her father and his family.

She also wants to live a typical life and doesn’t even use Bryan’s last name, Randall. Instead, she uses the last name of her mother, “Staten”.

She also lives only five miles from her father’s side of the family. But she still prefers to avoid her father’s celebrity sphere.

Her net worth and earnings are currently unavailable since they are still being reviewed. Regarding her father, Bryan Randall, his net worth is reported to be around $2 million.

Net Worth of Bryan Randall

The media has not yet been informed of the net worth and earnings of this celebrity child. On the other hand, her father has a net worth of roughly $2 million.

Relationships of Bryan Randall

Skylar Staten Randall photographed with her father Bryan Randall in her childhood
Biography Zoom: Skylar Staten Randall was photographed with her father Bryan Randall in her childhood (Source: Google)

Regarding Skylar Staten Randall’s romantic relationship and relationship status, there is no verified information.

In terms of her mother’s relationship with Michael Blankenship, she was married to him when she passed away.

Sandra Bullock, an actress, and her father are presently dating. The two have been dating since 2015 when they first connected during Sandra’s son’s 5th birthday celebration.

Laila Bullock and Louis Bardo Bullock are Sandra’s two adopted children.

Bryan Randall: Body Measurements, Height

There is no information online on Skylar Staten Randall’s height, weight, or other body measurements.

She prefers to live a normal life far from the spotlight and the celebrity culture. As a result, there are few to no details available about the young celebrity child.

She also has hair the same color as her eyes, which are brown.

Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media, she doesn’t appear to have a personal account on any of the major networks.

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