Cardi B

According to a recent story by MTO News, new pictures of Cardi B have surfaced, and the unedited photos show what appears to be a botched plastic surgery procedure.

Fans are already speculating about whether the well-known rapper Cardi B has undergone a paradigm-shifting facelift after months of her appearance altering frequently.

Cardi B’s appearance has undergone a significant transformation, but the most recent leaks may indicate that she has had too many nips and tucks.

The 28-year-old performer’s face seems distorted in the photos, along with a new nose and altered facial features.

The rapper appeared young and natural in earlier pictures taken just a few years ago.

Fans are now pleading with Cardi B to end the horrific plastic surgery, even though they are aware that she made the decision to get surgery around that time.

Before her face is ruined, her supporters are asking the “Bodak Yellow” rapper to put an end to the chaos.

One supporter wrote, “People called her ugly, then she went and repaired the “ugly” and voilà!”

Another person remarked, “OMG her face looks like a gigantic tumor.”

One of her followers said, “Her nose is the worstttttt.”

Another grunted, “Looking like a cat face.”

A fan remarked, “Wow, her face looks really painful.”

Cardi B debuted a fresh appearance to her followers in November when she began a new program on Snapchat.

Late in 2020, Cardi B announced on Instagram that she would appear in the pilot of her hairstylist Tokyo Stylez’s upcoming Snapchat-only series, “Queen of Stylez.”

Watch “Queen of Stylez,” which I’m in, only on #snapchat.

Congratulations, @tokyostylez! Your show is incredibly fun. The Instagram sneak peek was captioned by Cardi.

For an upcoming picture shoot, Tokyo Stylez gives Cardi a “cat girl vibe” in the video by donning a lot of pink hair.

Cardi, who doesn’t like pink very much, says she’s open to exploring new things. She comes out looking fantastic.

Fans, however, were more focused on her new face than her hair. Many followers objected to the evident changes Cardi B had made to her face.

Cardi B
Biography Zoom: Cardi B (Source: Instagram)

She undoubtedly damaged her face in some way

“I don’t know why she had all that facial surgery, but if she keeps it up, she’ll look like Little Kim.”

“What the hell did she do to her face NOOO! God, stop ruining your face with Botox and Chopin; once you get it done, it needs constant mending.

Cardi is just one face surgery away from looking like Lyn May.

“The face looks swollen and stiff, so clearly something happened to it.”

Did she touch her nose, why? It has become twisted.

As soon as Cardi B had an allergic reaction to “That’s So Raven,” fans on Twitter started calling her a muppet and making fun of the fact that she reminded them of Raven Symone.

Cardi B
Biography Zoom: Cardi B (Source: Instagram)

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