Sonic Fox, also known as Dominique McLean, is a well-known professional esports player in the majority of fighting games. He is also known for his idea to pick new games and master them as quickly as possible. There is even a team in which he plays, and the team has already won some of the most prestigious awards in this field.

Wiki, Bio, Family, Siblings, Childhood & Education

His early life is almost completely unknown. However, according to sources and media interviews, he was bisexual, and he has made this nature of his known to all. Sonic Fox and the rest of the players were also more interested in fighting games. They took part in several tournaments and won many of them. Those tournaments were held in their fursona’s fursuit.

Sonic Fox’s Age, Height, Weight, and Body Dimensions

Sonic Fox, who was born on March 2, 1998, will be 24 years old on July 1, 2022. His height is 1.75 meters and his weight is 76 kilograms.

Sonic Fox
Sonic Fox posing for a photograph(source Instagram)

Sonic Fox’s Profession & Career

Sonic Fox’s career has been one of the most prominent aspects of his life. He had achieved some of the most incredible milestones while pursuing his passion by competing in some of the most well-known tournaments.

Sonic Fox has won the Injustice League by a score of 6 to 0. It was a tournament held at Evo in 2014 by the God Among Us group. According to reports, Sonic Fox has not lost a match in the last 18 months and has earned around $150,000 (USD) in only two months by winning almost all of the Mortal Kombat tournaments he has entered.

He was also named Esports Player of the Year at the Game Awards 2018 ceremony, and this achievement garnered him a lot of media attention.

Achievements and Awards

Sonic Fox is a well-known personality who has achieved the following: In 2018, he was named Esports Player of the Year at the Games Awards, and he has also been named one of Forbes’ “30 under 30” gamers in 2020.

Sonic Fox’s Girlfriend, Marriage & Relationship

Sonic Fox’s personal life is largely unknown. He was born in Townsend, Delaware, and grew up there as well. He was also a student at the New York Institute of Technology, one of the most well-known universities.

It was September of 2019, and he came out on Twitter as a non-binary man. According to information obtained from primary sources, he publicly employs the singular they pronouns.

Sonic Fox’s older brother, Christian, developed an interest in fighting and video games, and he began to play these games with great enthusiasm and passion. According to information provided him in one of his interviews, he began this passion when he was three years old. Around 2011, he could only play non-competitive online games like Mortal Kombat and was later inspired by some of his friends. He also attempted to follow and participate in some offline tournaments.

Sonic Fox’s Salary and Net Worth

Sonic Fox’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of July 2022. (USD). He earned the majority of this money by competing in various tournaments and winning the majority of his team’s matches.

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name Sonic Fox
Real Name Dominique McLean
Gender Male
Age 24 years old
Birth Date March 2, 1998
Birth Place Townsend, Delaware, United States
Nationality American
Height 1.75 m
Weight 76 kg
Sexual Orientation Queer
Marital Status N/A
Wife N/A
Children N/A
Dating N/A
Profession Esports player
Salary N/A
Net Worth $1 million
Brands N/A
Hobbies N/A

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