Carlos Coy, commonly known as South Park Mexican, is a songwriter, rapper, and the founder of Dope House Records, as well as a convicted sex offender. He got his stage name from the neighbourhood where he grew up, the “South Park neighbourhood in Houston, Texas.”

Biography and Early Life

Spm was born in Houston, Texas, and grew up in South Park, Texas. Arturo, his father, was a Marine. His mother was unable to complete her secondary schooling. After three years after his birth, his parents split.

Since then, it has been his sister Sylvia who has cared for him like his mother. Coy attended numerous elementary schools before enrolling in a music magnet program. He attended Woodson Middle School after his family relocated to South Park.

Coy eventually attended Milby High School before being expelled in 1987, when he was in his ninth year. Coy obtained his GED and enrolled at San Jacinto Junior College. He wanted to finish his business associate’s degree but couldn’t pass any of the subjects.

He eventually worked in the chemical industry for a pittance but was laid off. Later, he worked as a perfume salesperson while also dealing in cocaine.

Spm’s Age, Height, Weight, and Body Dimensions

Spm (South Park Mexican), who was born on October 5, 1970, is 51 years old as of today, June 9, 2022. He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 80 kilograms.

SPM posing for a photograph(source Instagram)

Spm’s Wife, Marriage & Relationship

Gina Acosta married Carlos Coy. The couple has three children: Carley Coy (daughter), Jordan Dominique Odom (son), and Carlos Coy, Jr. SPM is well-known for his criminal record.

On September 25, 2001, Coy was detained by Houston police on suspicion of serious sexual assault on a nine-year-old child. He was charged again in March 2002 with sexually assaulting two fourteen-year-old girls.

On May 18, 2002, a jury in Houston found Coy guilty of serious child sexual assault and sentenced him to 45 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

He is now imprisoned in the Ramsey Unit in Rosharon, Texas, as of 2017. He will be eligible for parole in 2024. He is scheduled to be released on April 8, 2047, according to court orders. Coy had previously served time at the Allred Unit in Wichita Falls, Texas, and the Louis C. Powledge Unit in Palestine, Texas.

Coy appears to be maintaining his innocence in the case. There have been several messages from his followers in the form of online posters requesting his release.

Spm’s Profession & Career

Coy began his career as a rap artist. He began rapping and recording songs as “South Park Mexican” in 1994. Coy started his music record label, “Dope House Records,” in 1995, with the help of his brother, “Arthur Jr.” and friend, “Jose Antonio Garza.”

In March 1995, he published his debut music album, “Hillwood.” He pushed it for about two years.

In 1997, he was preparing to release his next album. It was finally launched in March 1998 and quickly became popular.

Between 1998 and 1999, he recorded several hit albums, including “Power Moves: The Table” (1998) and “The 3rd Wish: To Rock the World” (1999). (1999)

The group issued three albums by Coy, including “The Purity Album,” “Time is Money” (2000), and “Never Change” (2001). One of the tracks from his album “The Purity Album” was “You Know My Name,” which peaked at No. 99 on the Billboard R&B chart. The song peaked at number 31 on the rap chart. He recorded a couple of additional albums, including Reveille Park (2002) and The Son of Norma (2004). (2014).

Achievements and Awards

SPM got numerous prizes and accolades for his outstanding music CDs. On December 22, 1998, he released “Power Moves: The Table,” which received widespread acclaim.

This fourth studio album, titled “The 3rd Wish: To Rock the World,” was released on November 23, 1999. Its track “High So High” peaked at number 50 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Tracks chart.

He won every category he was nominated for at the Houston Press Music Awards in 2000. He was named “Musician of the Year,” “Songwriter of the Year,” “Song of the Year for “High So High,” “Best Rap/Hip-hop,” and Album of the Year (for “The 3rd Wish: To Rock the World”). His label, “Dope House Records,” was selected as “Best Local Label.”

In 2001, he won three Houston Press Music Awards: “Best Rap/Hip-hop,” “Local Musician of the Year,” and “Best Local Label for Dope House Records.”

Spm’s Salary and Net Worth

In February 2000, he signed a joint venture agreement with Universal Music Group that gave him nationwide distribution as well as a $500,000 advance.

He has released multiple blockbuster music albums, including The 3rd Wish: To Rock the World, “The Purity Album,” “Time is Money,” and “Never Change,” as well as “Power Moves: The Table,” which have gained him not only fame but also fortune.

He is also a co-founder of “Dope House Records,” a music record business that provides him with additional money. He has made a major chunk of his money via music CD sales and recording. He has also performed in a number of live concerts.

His yearly salary is estimated to be around $588,235. He also receives roughly $130,719 in sponsorship and endorsement fees. South Park Mexican’s total net worth is estimated to be $6 million as of June 2022.

SPM has made substantial contributions to the American music industry. He has amassed a sizable fan base as a result of his outstanding music CDs. However, by committing the unforgivable crime, he has lost his promising musical career and disappointed his fans.

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name SPM (South Park Mexican)
Real Name/Full Name Carlos Coy
Gender Male
Age 51 years old
Birth Date October 5, 1970
Birth Place Houston, Texas, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 5 ft 9 inches
Weight 80 kg
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife/Spouse (Name) Gina Acosta
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter) Yes (Carley Coy (daughter), Jordan Dominique Odom (son), and Carlos Coy, Jr. (son))
Dating/Girlfriend (Name) N/A
Is Spm (South Park Mexican), Gay? N/A
Profession American Rapper
Salary $588,235
Net Worth in 2022 $6 million
Brands N/A
Hobbies N/A

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