Married At First Sight

The majority of Married At First Sight’s San Diego couples who wed in season 15 didn’t have a happy ending. Despite the couples’ initial compatibility, the majority of them ended up splitting up.

Only two of the five couples—Morgan and Binh, Alexis and Justin, Mitch and Krysten, Stacia and Nate, and Lindy and Miguel—might still be together at the moment.

Married at First Sight
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Nate and Stacia

Morgan, 27, revealed when she first joined the Lifetime program that she had difficulty finding love in San Diego, which is why she was open to the Married At First Sight experience.

The registered nurse met her match in 29-year-old engineer Binh, but their relationship didn’t work out. She added, “I generally date the wrong men at the right time or the right men at the wrong time and I’m eager to have the right man at the right moment.”

At the show’s conclusion, Binh and Morgan fell apart and are still apart.

Banh and Morgan

Stacia, 37, acknowledged that she was taken aback by how well she and Nate, a trader, 34, got along.

They are one of the few couples from season 15 who are still together today. While watching MAFS, Stacia claimed that she learned a lot about herself and other people.

It forced me to reconsider how I generally approach people and interpersonal connections. My patience was severely put to the test, and I had to cooperate with my spouse during this encounter.

Nate and Stacia

Another pair from the Lifetime series that clicked perfectly and remained together after the show finished is Lindy, 29, and Miguel, 35.

The first thing that surprised me was how well Lindy and I got along, pretty much right off the bat, Miguel said of their unexpected connection.

Stacia Nate
Biography Zoom: Stacia Nate (Source: Google)

Miguel and Lindy

Krysten, 32, said that she joined the show because she loved weddings and wants to be married. She was paired with Mitch, a 41-year-old proponent of environmental policy.

He claimed that two years into the pandemic when he joined the show, he had given up on dating. The two supposedly broke up after remaining together at the Married At First Sight conclusion.

Mitch and Krysten

Another couple, Alexis, 29, and Justin, 33, were taken aback by how well they got along while participating in the show.

The two got along and stayed together at the finale, but Alexis and Justin apparently broke up after the program concluded.

Justin commented, “It was interesting to have an outside professional opinion on comparison and what traits/characteristics would be a good fit for me.”

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