Suing blogger Sharrell’s World for LIES and Defamation is Diana Jenkins!

Star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Diana Jenkins, intends to bring legal action against bloggers and troubled YouTuber Trena Sharrell Lloyd, also known as Sharrell’s World.

On her YouTube channel, the blogger went on a month-long rant during which she made a number of false and damaging claims against the author of Room 23.

False accusations made about Jenkins include calling her a sex trafficker, a prostitute, and a madam; referring to the RHOBH star as a “ho,” “the main ho in command,” and a “Beverly Hills pimp”; and saying her book (Room 23) was a collection of Jenkins’ “johns and prostitutes.”

The entrepreneur’s formidable legal team sent eight cease-and-desist letters to various bloggers on August 31 in an effort to stop them from spreading false information about Jenkins.

In the $6 billion “pink slime” defamation action against ABC News, a beef producer was represented by J. Erik Connolly, a partner at the Chicago law firm Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP and a well-known defamation litigator.

In multibillion-dollar defamation lawsuits against Fox News and others regarding their coverage of the 2020 presidential election, he is currently the attorney for a voting technology company.

Trena Sharrell Lloyd’s cease and desist letter, which was written by attorney J. Erik Connolly and obtained by All About The Tea, makes Jenkins’ requests clear: halt the false comments, amend the record, and apologize.

Jenkins’ scathing C&D explicitly declares that Trena Sharrell Lloyd is NOT trustworthy despite Trena Sharrell Lloyd’s claims to be sincere, honest and a Bravo insider with exclusive sources.

You have placed yourself in a risky and potentially disastrous situation, the lawyers write.

You run a banner that reads, “Everything in this video is Alleged [sic] & in our opinion!” throughout your broadcast, so perhaps you think there is a “get out of jail free” card. —and you can convince a judge or jury that your remarks against Ms. Jenkins are “pure opinion” as a result.

That won’t happen, I assure you. First of all, it’s clear that you believe the claims you’ve made above are facts rather than views because you’ve said them frequently over a period of months.

Additionally, you have presented yourself as someone who your audience can and should trust to find out the truth. If you admitted that what you say is just hateful fantasy, you wouldn’t have any listeners.

You have established a reputation among your audience as a reliable source of information, and you have capitalized on this reputation for your own benefit and advancement. The “pure opinion” argument cannot be made due to these facts alone.

Furthermore, by informing your audience that your claims on Ms. Jenkins are supported by facts, you have disproved the “pure opinion” defense, and they continue.

For instance, Ms. Lloyd said in the June 17, 2022, YouTube video, “No, I’m not pulling her. I’m saying the truth, and I don’t know why you’re laughing because I’m [indecipherable] the truth.

Similar to Ms. Lloyd’s comments, Ms. Jenkins “needs to be held accountable for the things that she has done” and “needs to be held accountable” were made in Ms. Lloyd’s YouTube videos from July 6 and 7, 2022.

In a similar vein, Ms. Lloyd frequently claimed in her YouTube videos from June 24, June 28, June 30, July 1, July 22, and August 22, 2022, that Ms. Jenkins was “getting away with” and “is never going to pay for” the aforementioned behavior and/or needed to be in prison for the aforementioned behavior.

A lot of the videos also have titles like “Diana RHOBH out [sic] for being a Madam!,” “Ex PROSTITUTE Diana Jenkins,” and “Ex Madam Diana Jenkins” that are blatantly stated as supposed facts.

Along with Trena Sharrell Lloyd, Jezebel, and a social media influencer known as “Enty Lawyer” aka Crazy Days And Nights are targets of the RHOBH star’s ferocious pursuit.

Enty has suggested that Jenkins has a close relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein, who many women accused of sex trafficking.

Diana thinks that Room 23, a notorious essay she authored in 2009 that featured explicit images of models and celebrities, is to blame for everything.

Diana Jenkins
Biography Zoom: Diana Jenkins (Source: Instagram)

Diana Jenkins has categorically denied any association with Jeffrey Epstein, sex trafficking, or prostitution.

Speaking of Jezebel, the C&D that was sent to them is also fairly stern. Using papers from 2012 and 2022, Diana’s team claims… “Outside of the obvious legal problems, what you did to Ms. Jenkins was just wrong.

She is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a mother. Her well-known charitable activities have helped millions of people affected by war, natural catastrophes, health epidemics, and breaches of their human rights.

It is factually incorrect and sexist to refer to Ms. Jenkins as a prostitute, sex trafficker, and criminal.

Beyond the obvious legal concerns, what you have done to Ms. Jenkins is just wrong, the legal document continues in its discussion of Jenkins’ character.

She is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a mother. Her well-known charitable activities have helped millions of people affected by war, natural catastrophes, health epidemics, and breaches of their human rights.

It is not only factually incorrect but also unethical to label Ms. Jenkins as a prostitute, madam, sex trafficker, child abuser, and criminal. This is not a fun thing to do. Someone’s reputation and life are on the line.

You may attract viewers to your YouTube show as well as advertisers and other forms of income, but that does not give you the right to malign and denigrate Ms. Jenkins. Your choices have real-world repercussions.

Diana Jenkins
Biography Zoom: Diana Jenkins (Source: Instagram)

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