Tarek El Moussa

Tarek El Moussa experienced several major health problems that made him feel uneasy and ultimately caused the dissolution of his marriage.

El Moussa claims he visited an anti-aging center to identify what was causing him to feel worn out after enduring the hardships of testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, and back surgery. His problem worsened when clinic staff attempted to treat him by increasing his testosterone levels.

Tarek El Moussa has recently been the subject of rumors about plastic surgery. Could the rumor that he might undergo surgery be true? Let’s examine the specifics in depth.

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Do you know if Tarek El Moussa had plastic surgery?

Recent talk about Tarek El Moussa’s plastic surgery among reality lovers. The assertion that he made any cosmetic improvements, however, is not supported by any convincing evidence.

Looking at the before and after photos, the reality star continues to seem suave. But when it comes to having surgery, it’s all just speculation right now.

El Moussa has not yet openly admitted to making any efforts to improve his appearance. So, don’t hold your breath; he is unlikely to break his quiet any time soon given that discussing plastic surgery is not something most people do.

The 39-year-old allegedly underwent a facelift, fillers, and Botox, according to some. But they are nothing more than conjecture. We are inclined to think Tarek El Moussa hasn’t had plastic surgery until there is clear evidence to the contrary because he appears fantastic naturally.

Tarek El Moussa wants to work on a new show with Heather Rae Young, his fiancée

Tarek El Moussa
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It was acknowledged by Tarek El Moussa that he would adore working with his soon-to-be wife, Heather Rae Young.

Speaking to TMZ Live, the “Flipping 101” actor expressed his willingness to once more travel the well-traveled path of co-starring in a TV program with his spouse. He says that Heather, who is featured in the Netflix series “Selling Sunset,” frequently hangs out with him, so why not collaborate on a show?

Tarek’s naysayers are likely to bring up Christina Anstead, his ex-wife, and co-star on “Flip or Flop.” Before a very public breakdown in 2016 that eventually resulted in their divorce in 2018, they had great success as a couple.

To their great credit, they not only stayed friends but also developed as costars. The couple’s divorce, according to Tarek, was unrelated to their acting as a married couple for a television show. As a result, he is unconcerned about working with Heather.

Of course, Christina has long since moved on. She and Ant Anstead welcomed a son back in 2019.

For Tarek, Heather and he have been engaged for the past two months, and their wedding is very certainly coming up.

Using steroids destroyed Tarek El Moussa’s life, he admitted

Tarek El Moussa, star of “Flip or Flop,” who has recently been the subject of plastic surgery rumors, admitted that his marriage to his ex-wife Christina had ended because of steroids.

Testicular and thyroid cancers made Tarek’s hormone levels uncontrollably unstable. Tarek, 36, said to The Dr. Drew Podcast in 2018 that in addition to the physical symptoms of his fluctuating hormones, the real estate specialist also experienced mood swings, despair, and anxiety that may have been brought on by his diseases and treatments.

Real-life celebrities said,

Just my hormones were out of whack. I assumed my thyroid medicine was making me tired, but it wasn’t.

Tarek had initially turned to medicines to regain his testosterone. He saw the “anti-aging expert” Christina, 34, recommended. The doctors had suggested hormone injections, according to Tarek.

The next thing I know, I’m taking steroids and sticking a needle in my behind. It was testosterone.

The reality star’s testosterone levels were already normal when he joined, but the shots more than doubled them.

It was terrible. I was taking daily injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), and I was absolutely on way too much testosterone. as I was instructed to.

Tarek employed a wide range of medications, including steroid and testosterone injections, to treat various conditions, including back ailments. He collaborated with Christina to produce “Flip or Flop” when all of this was going on.

Tarek listed all of the medications whose improper dosage was proven, saying:

I underwent back surgery, dropping from 230 to 168 pounds. I had cancer first, and then I developed cancer again. Then, four months after overcoming my second cancer, I suffered a back injury.

I was taking Vicodin every day, and I lost 60 pounds. In addition, my hormones are out of whack, I’m taking drugs and painkillers, and I’m working and filming. It was a really difficult three or four years. It was a terrifying situation.

According to El Moussa, his over-mediation caused anxiety attacks and an abnormally high heart rate.

I would often find myself sitting by myself and just feeling down. I became someone who wasn’t myself as a result of all the s—t that was being pumped into my body. I ask myself, “How the hell did I film a show, start a company, how did I do all these things?” in hindsight. They gave me so much s—t that I was exhausted.

Even still, Tarek acknowledges that his marriage problems extended beyond just his health issues.

The divorce was caused by several issues, including how quickly life is changing. We purchased a home and renovated it. I wasn’t acting as well as I could have since my hormone levels were out of whack, and I frequently didn’t feel good.

Since there is so much going on, including TV, fame, the economy, and numerous other simultaneous events, it has gradually torn us apart.

In January 2017, Tarek filed for divorce from Christina, 34, citing “irreconcilable disagreements,” and requested shared custody of his two children: son Brayden, 4, and daughter Taylor, 9.

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The couple split in May 2016 following a bloody altercation during which the police were called and firearms were seized from the family home.

I declared, “Okay, it’s time to do some soul-searching, figure out what’s wrong with me,” as soon as my wife and I divorced. Before that, my back injury was the toughest part. The experience was the worst I’ve ever had.

After divorcing and losing my family, I vowed to do everything in my power to improve myself. As I stand here, I can claim that I’m the best version of myself that I could be.

The divorce between El Moussas was concluded in January 2018.

Tarek admits that although he and Christina are getting along better today, things were “tough” at work for a while following their divorce. “It was terrible. Compared to previous divorces I’ve seen, ours received more PR.

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