Vanessa Ray

Vanessa Ray has admitted to weight gain due to her bipolar disorder-induced food imbalance. Fans also falsely claimed she was pregnant. Blue Bloods, featuring 41-year-old Vanessa Ray, debuted season 13 on October 7, 2022.

Vanessa Ray Liptak (born June 24, 1981) is an American actress best known for playing Charlotte Drake on Pretty Little Liars, Jenny on Suits, Teri Ciccone on As the World Turns, Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan on Blue Bloods, and Maggie “Rocker” Sheldon on White Collar.

Vanessa appeared in Blue Bloods season 13 on CBS on October 7, 2022. Blue Bloods follows a multigenerational New York City police family.

Vanessa, a series cast member, changed her appearance. They want further information on her weight growth. Vanessa’s weight gain: here’s everything!

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Is Vanessa Ray Pregnant in 2022?

Vanessa Ray
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Blue Bloods fans analyze Vanessa Ray’s (@vrayskull) weight increase. The 41-year-old actress confirmed the story, citing her bipolar disease, which disrupted her nutrition. No one has confirmed that the actress is pregnant, but viewers began to speculate.

Fans have questioned Vanessa’s weight increase after comparing her before and after photos. The actress confirmed the rumor. The Blue Bloods actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which generated a food imbalance that affected her health and weight.

Vanessa binged after her bipolar disorder diagnosis. She gained weight by overeating junk food and fast meals. Drugs, alcohol, and poor diet caused unanticipated results. The 41-year-old actress’s exact measurements are unknown.

Vanessa lost confidence a few years ago. Vanessa felt awful since she didn’t want to risk her great career.

The 1.63m actress now prioritizes her mental and physical health. She maintains relationships, exercises, and eats well. She also follows her medicines. Fans have also stated that the 1.63m actress’s weight gain is due to pregnancy. Vanessa Ray is not expecting until 2022. The rumor’s genesis is unknown.

After weight changes, fans suspected Vanessa Ray was pregnant. Her role as Charlotte Drake on Pretty Little Liars made her a global star.

Web celebrities often face false rumors. The possibility that an American actress is pregnant also attracts attention online. On January 30, 2022, internet users saw the Pretty Little Liars actress eating dinner with a friend while noticeably overweight. The internet claims she toasted toast with water instead of wine.

After she drank water instead of alcohol, the internet buzzed. Ray hasn’t commented on the pregnancy rumors. She kept quiet about it. Thus, the revelation that she has a child with her current husband, Landon Beard (@landonbeard), has intrigued web users who want to know more.

Ray, though, hasn’t hinted at pregnancy. However, the actress has posted photos of her kids on her social media pages. The messages suggest she loves kids and teens.

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