Hasan Minhaj and his wife

Hasan Minhaj, an American comedian, writer, and producer, has achieved enormous success. When Minhaj served as a senior correspondent for The Daily Show from 2014 to 2018, he became well-known.

On March 23, 2017, Hasan’s first Netflix comedy special, Homecoming King, made its debut. In August 2018, Hasan quit The Daily Show to co-host the program Patriot Act alongside Hasan Minhaj.

Within a relatively short amount of time, Minhaj rose to prominence as a comedian and political pundit.

Beena Minhaj, his wife, has accompanied him at every turn. She has been Hasan’s continual source of love and support; in fact, she has sacrificed a lot for her husband.

Beena is a worker in the medical field

From a young age, Beena Minhaj displayed academic promise, and she was extremely involved in class activities. Beena was fluent in Hindi, Spanish, Gujarati, and English by the time she started high school.

After graduating from high school, she enrolled at the University of California to study neurology, physiology, and behavior.

She graduated from the University of California Davis with a Bachelor’s in 2007 and a Master’s in Public Health the following year.

Later, Beena returned to the same college to get her doctoral degree. 2013 saw her graduate and receive the Ruth Romeo Award.

Beena’s professional background complements her academic achievements well.

She has collaborated with major healthcare organizations such as CEP America and the UCLA Center for Health and Research (currently known as Vituity). According to Beena’s CEP America bio,

Her dissertation on the use of the West Los Angeles HPACT has received national recognition and has been adopted as a best practice nationwide.

She is still engaged in studies, and she dedicates her efforts to giving voice to the heroes of our country who are houseless.

Prior to her and Hasan’s relocation to New York, Beena worked with the homeless in Los Angeles. She is currently employed with MedAmerica as a management consultant.

Hasan and Beena didn’t live together before to getting married

During their time together in college, Beena and Hasan became friends. Thankfully, Beena felt the same connection that Hasan did when they first met.

Before getting hitched in the first few days of January 2015, the pair dated for a few years. On January 6, 2015, Hasan posted a beautiful snapshot of the pair on Instagram to announce their engagement.

Following custom, the couple waited to cohabitate until after their marriage was over. Hasan stated to the New York Times that:

“Beena and I didn’t move in together until we got married. We kept it very traditional – Mom, Dad, if you’re reading this – so I had to evolve very quickly.

I went from ‘Scarface’ photos to family photos. I’d never thrown pillows in my life, but I’ve become accustomed to them. And I will say that scented candles are really nice.”

For Beena and Hasan, the marriage brought about a significant change in lifestyle. Around the time they relocated to New York, the pair were married.

They had little time to adjust to the requirements of living in New York. While Beena had to adapt to a new workspace, Hasan had to adjust to the weather.

Due to financial restrictions, she converted the walk-in closet in their flat into her workplace. Hasan stated to the New York Times that:

“Everyone in New York says, ‘Oh, that was so clever,'” And everyone in California asks, “Why are you living in a closet?” Beena, you don’t deserve this.

Their relationship was jeopardized by their contrasting religious beliefs

Beena and Hasan continued their relationship despite knowing for some time that their conflicting religious beliefs would prevent them from getting married.

The issue was that Beena was a Hindu, whereas Hasan was a Muslim. Hasan was not permitted to wed Beena under Islamic law.

The most practical choice at the time was for Beena to become a Muslim instead of a Hindu.

However, the couple’s love for one another won out, and their marriage was approved. The marriage complied with Indian traditions and customs. Hasan made the following remarks regarding the union:

“I married my wife in a lavish Indian ceremony, which I also held for my white acquaintances.”

In 2018, Beena and Hasan had their first child

On April 23, 2018, Hasan made the announcement of the birth of their daughter. Welcome to the world, baby girl, he captioned an Instagram photo of the child’s foot.

I’ll be there for you every step of the way, God willing. The child’s identity has been kept a secret by the parents, and she is hardly ever seen in public.

Hasan Minhaj with his family
Biography Zoom: Hasan Minhaj with his family (Source: Instagram)

Beena declared she was done having children after giving birth to the couple’s kid

Hasan made the announcement of the birth of the couple’s second child on Instagram on March 20, 2020.

He noted in the caption that Beena had no plans to grow the family, but he was still considering his choices. He stated:

“There are countless beautiful moments, even in these wild times. Little guy, welcome to the world.

The Minhaj family continues to expand, but Beena claims it has reached its limit. Nevertheless, shooters do the shoot.

Hospitals were grappling with an increase in coronavirus cases when Hasan’s son arrived. According to Hasan, it was a challenging but unique experience. He clarified:

“Delivery is already one of the most powerless feelings you experience as a person because you’re feeling so much, especially as a parent…

We were extremely grateful for a pain-free delivery and a healthy baby. I’ll never forget that moment since it was so profound.

A beautiful ring was given to Beena by Hasan before the couple welcomed their second child

Hasan revealed to Jimmy Fallon in September 2021 that he and Beena had difficulty getting pregnant with their second kid.

After months of unsuccessful attempts, they saw a doctor, who discovered that Hasan had a disease that prevented sperm from growing.

The doctor informed Hasan, “You have too much blood down there, it has been reducing your sperm count.” Hasan was unable to become pregnant without surgery.

The outpatient operation went well, and the couple got pregnant six weeks later.

Hasan gave Beena a yellow gold ring commemorating their relationship before she gave birth. The ring was made by Zameer Kassam and contained illustrations of the couple’s romance.

Kassam framed the ring’s design with 15 diamonds to represent the couple’s 15-year relationship.

The pair met at UC Davis, therefore there were also references to it on the ring. It highlights Thoreau Hall, where they formally began dating, and the institution’s fountain, where Hasan first spotted Beena.

In honor of the couple’s daughter, Zameer used a blue topaz, while the couple’s south Asian traditions were represented by yellow gold hues.

Last but not least, Hasan wrote the lyrics to the couple’s wedding song, Michael Buble’s Everything, on the ring.

The most attractive quality in a man is a genuine effort, and when Beena first saw Hasan’s engagement ring, she was astounded by the amount of work he had put into capturing their romance.

I feel very privileged since Hasan took time out of his hectic schedule to do this for me.

Minhaj correctly predicted that Beena would be completely mesmerized by the ring. He commended Zameer for being able to include the couple’s past in the ring and give it a whole love tale.

“I still find it hard to comprehend how our tale could be so beautifully wrapped into a ring. It is much more than just a ring, remarked Hasan. It’s a family heirloom I can’t wait to show our children.

Beena Patel with her child
Biography Zoom: Beena Patel with her child (Source: Instagram)

Beena Patel keeps a lot of personal information private

Beena keeps a lot of personal information private. Beena maintains a private Instagram account, unlike her spouse.

Hasan’s social media platforms frequently facilitate Beena’s online appearances.

He stated to Vanity Fair that he respected Beena’s wish to maintain her privacy, adding that “the people I love don’t sign up for this.”

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