Tiana Hearts

Who is Tiana Hearts?- Biography

Tiana Hearts has never shown any signs of shyness or fear when it comes to being opinionated and opening up to share opinions and reviews, our star. Tiana Hearts is a Canadian YouTube sensation. She evaluates children’s toys on her well-liked channel, “Tiana Hearts,” and isn’t hesitant to express her opinions or be bold in her reviews. She has amassed over 50K subscribers and furthermore posts DIY videos, vlogs, unboxings, and challenges.

Tiana Hearts: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Tiana Hearts was born to Canadian parents on January 20, 2009, in Canada. Despite being a social media sensation and YouTube star, she appears to be a private individual; despite being of Canadian parents, she hasn’t revealed their names.

Being the only child of her parents, she enjoyed a respectable childhood where she was the center of attention for them. She has always been intelligent, self-assured, and extremely interested in establishing a career as a social media star.

Education, Schooling

Regarding Tiana Hearts’ scholastic history, her school, educational level, and subject of major have not yet been made public. However, based on her age, she may already be enrolled in school.

She is lovely and appears intelligent, therefore she will undoubtedly major in a good field that interests her and graduate as a competent young person in the future.

Quick Facts of Tiana Hearts

Full Name: Tiana Hearts
Gender: Female
Born Date: January 20, 2009
Age: 13 Years
Education School Level
Net Worth: $100K – $1 million
Relationship Status: Single
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: North-American
Height: Average

Tiana Hearts: Profession, Career

YouTube star Tiana Hearts is young, but it hasn’t prevented her from succeeding in her goals. She started her career at such a young age with YouTube’s assistance.

She started her career on YouTube. She started her YouTube channel and debuted there in December 2014. She gradually started to shine and proved that she is not inferior to anyone. She gained popularity by releasing videos on her YouTube channels about vlogs, unboxings, challenges, and other subjects.

She is also well-known for reviewing children’s products on her well-liked YouTube channel, Tianna Hearts. She keeps offering toy reviews to KidToys Testers. Her video “Back to School Shopping Haul 2018!” is her most popular. Ohwoh, “CUTE School SUPPLIES,” which received 2 million views.

Her other well-known videos are “Back To School Shopping Haul 2018| Target Justice & Walmart,” which received over 193K views, and “Back To School Shopping 2019! 101K views for “School Supplies Haul at Target.” Tiana’s confidence, strength, and creativity are increasing along with her fame as each day goes by, just like the rising sun.

Relationship Status of Tiana Hearts?

She is too young to be in a relationship, despite the fact that her age is irrelevant when it comes to living a great life and having respectable work. Yes, I’m attempting to express what your readers may be thinking.

She is presently preoccupied with concentrating on both her profession and her academics. She might, however, consider it in the future. She is not currently dating anyone and is not a hot topic of conversation.

What is Tiana Hearts’ Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

Tiana has not yet revealed her annual salary or her net worth, but according to Celebsmoney, her estimated net worth is between $100,000 and $1,000,000.

Tiana Hearts: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Tiana Hearts is incredibly brave and endearing; she also has a fantastic personality, a respectable life, and good health. Her brown hair and eyes are both dark brown. She has average height and undoubtedly still has room to develop. She is physically active and healthy. Because of this, her precise height, weight, and body type are not known.

Social Media Presence

Tiana, who yearned for a career through social media, is undoubtedly active on these platforms. On social media, Tianna utilizes YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

She has a respectable number of fans. Similarly, she has about 1.1K followers on Twitter. On Instagram, she has more than 7.1K followers. Additionally, her YouTube channel has over 55K subscribers.

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