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Who is Jill Rhodes? – Biography

Jill Rhodes has covered lifestyle, social, and political figures as a columnist, author, and journalist. Jill Rhodes is more recognized, though, as the ex-wife of Sean Hannity, the host of the FOX News programs Hannity and The Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity, Jill’s ex-husband, is a well-known socio-political analyst and one of Fox’s top personalities. He is also well-known for some of the contentious things he has no qualms about saying while the cameras are rolling.

He frequently has something to say regarding the White House. But despite the attention he receives for his profession, his relationship with Jill has managed to remain suitably secret.

Jill Rhodes: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Jill Rhodes, formerly married to Sean Hannity, was born on August 27, 1962; her full name is Merri Jill Rhodes. is from Alabama and is currently 59 years old. She reportedly hails from Montgomery.

Her brother collaborates with her ex-husband on his television show.

Education, Schooling

The Southern-born Rhodes attended the University of Alabama for journalism, according to her now-defunct Facebook page.

Additionally, she pursued studies in pastoral counseling and theology at the staunchly orthodox Liberty University. She is also recognized as one of the former pupils in a post on the school’s website.

She went to her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, for high school.

Quick Facts of Jill Rhodes

Profession: Journalist
Date of Birth: August 27, 1962
Years: 58
Heritage: 15 million
Place of birth:
Height (m): 1.63
Religion: Christendom
Marital status: Married

Jill Rhodes: Profession, Career

Initially, Rhodes was a political columnist for the Huntsville Times. Additionally, she first met her husband in the early 1990s. In 1998, Rhodes also held a position as a book editor in Manhattan.

She has previously worked as a radio and TV host. Rhodes, though, settled down after marrying Hannity and eventually served as his counselor.

According to reports, she is currently an editor and columnist for big-name magazines like Better Homes and Gardens. National Security Law: Fifty Years of Transformation is another book by Rhodes.

Rhodes has additionally supported a few philanthropic causes. She and her ex-husband both gave Michele Bachmann’s political action group $5000 in 2010.

She traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti for charitable purposes with her husband and others around Christmas in 2015 as well.

Relationship Status of Jill Rhodes

In 1993, Rhodes wed Sean Hannity, a Republican political commentator. Until 2019, the couple stayed married. They have a son, Sean Patrick Hannity, and a daughter, Merri Kelly Hannity, together.

In a Feb. 2002 interview with People, Hannity claimed that he first met Rhodes while working for Alabama’s WVNN radio station. At the time, they both had jobs at the same radio station in Alabama.

According to reports, it was 1991. Jill, on the other hand, was then employed by the Huntsville Times as a political columnist. But Rhodes first encountered the former WVNN anchor in person while attending a mayoral debate that he had personally organized.

Jill acknowledged to People that she had considered marrying Hannity after seeing him for the first time.

The former co-host of Hannity And Colmes claims that he got to know Rhodes by leaving her several voicemails and having frequent conversations with her.

When discussing his relationship with Rhodes in 2011, Hannity revealed that he had already fallen for his ex-wife before meeting her in person.

He first learned about her from a story Jill had penned for a neighborhood newspaper that also featured her image. And it was her alluring appearance that drew Hannity to the columnist.

She was extremely creative and gifted, but I was most smitten by the tiny image in her column.

The 60-year-old Republican news reporter recalled the first time he saw the face of his future wife.

Jill Rhodes
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Friends of Jill Rhodes cautioned her against dating Sean Hannity

Evidently, Jill had been cautioned to avoid Hannity by each and every one of her former coworkers from her previous position as a newspaper writer.

They allegedly all opposed her dating Forbes’ most popular host. Even their wedding preacher asked Jill whether she was certain she wanted to wed Hannity. The host/author and their marriage officer had a political debate.

Nevertheless, they were married, and up until the late 2010s, they appeared to be the “it couple.”

The New Yorker was a consistent churchgoer, as was his ex-partner Rhodes when they were still married. Additionally, they brought up their two children as Catholics and even enrolled them in Catholic schools.

Controversy and Rumors

Despite the fact that they are no longer married, Rhodes supported her ex-husband when he was accused of sexual harassment by Debbie Schlussel, a previous frequent visitor to his show, in April 2017.

Although Schlussel claimed it was more of an inappropriate act than harassment on the part of the Trump fan. Debbie said Hannity had invited her to a hotel room in Detroit at the time.

After Schlussel approached him for a book signing, the father of two proposed.

Debbie claimed that when in a hotel, Hannity tried to kiss her but she resisted, and as a result, Schlussel said Rhodes’ ex-partner fired her off his program. On the other side, Hannity has refuted the charges.

Sean wrote a book in honor of his former spouse Jill Rhodes

As a tribute to his ex-wife Jill Rhodes, Hannity claims that his 2002 book Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism is written. He had called Rhodes “the love of his life” when he initially said this.

The children he had with Rhodes were once referred to by the author of Deliver Us From Evil as “the greatest gift God ever provided to me.” Hannity also stated the following when launching the book:

“I dedicate this book to my wife, Jill, and my two children, Patrick and Kelly. They are the people to whom I give the most essential acknowledgment.”

The long work hours were put up with by Rhodes’ ex-wife husband’s and their children for the enterprise that he needed to invest in, he continued.

He continued by saying that it was because of them that he thought the book was something to pursue.

The former host of UC Santa Barbara noted that having his then-wife and kids in his life made him feel incredibly blessed. In the past, Hannity had also shown gratitude to and given credit to his ex-wife for his success on Fox News.

In an interview, he claimed that Jill was the driving force behind his success on Fox and a key to him finishing his best-selling book, Let Freedom Ring.

For many years, Jill and Sean concealed their divorce

There are a lot of unanswered mysteries and intrigue surrounding Hannity and Jill’s divorce. To begin with, it appears that the former couple had long since split before the world learned of their divorce in late 2019 or early 2020.

The 2020 divorce was announced by Rhodes and her ex-husband, the Marconi Award winner. However, according to Page Six, the parents of the two actually had their divorce papers signed a year earlier.

According to People, they parted ways in 2016. Since then, Rhodes had also stopped supporting the devout Catholic, particularly at Fox News events.

When they ultimately got divorced, they made a joint statement in which they hinted that they would keep their friendship for the benefit of their children.

Evidently, their friends and family have been aware of their separation for a long time. Since they didn’t want to disturb Patrick and Merri Kelly, the former couple reportedly kept the news of their breakup a secret.

The ex-husband and ex-wife continue to go together to events like their kids’ tennis matches and other gatherings. The couple previously resided in Long Island, New York, which is also the hometown of Rhodes’ ex-husband Hannity.

The basis for Jill and Sean Rhodes’ divorce

People were pretty shocked to learn of their split because for many years they appeared to be the ideal marriage.

Rhodes also didn’t hold back when criticizing her ex-partner for standing up for his superiors at FOX during a time when the network was under fire in the summer of 2016 following a number of sexual harassment allegations.

She also used to perform alongside her children’s father at a number of his freedom concerts.

But it’s not obvious if Rhodes and Sean’s divorce was brought on by unfaithfulness or infidelity.

It’s important to keep in mind that Hannity, despite being Rhodes’ husband, had previously caused a small uproar on social media in 2013 when he revealed to a caller on his radio show that he did occasionally think about other women.

According to Page Six, There was no infidelity between Sean and Jill, and there was no wrongdoing at all in the divorce. It was largely reciprocal. Later, according to Daily Mail, Sean’s hectic work schedule might have led to the breakup.

Sean and Jill’s post-divorce marital life: Is she wed to a new partner?

While Ainsley Earhardt, a University of South Carolina alumna and fellow conservative news network anchor, and Sean have recently started dating.

The news-reporting pair has reportedly been dating since 2019, although they haven’t discussed their union in public yet.

But despite widespread misconceptions, Ainsley and Sean are not wed. Contrarily, no such details about Rhodes’ life have ever been found in any kind of archive.

Jill is yet to be seen on similar websites providing updates on what is happening in her life after the Hannity chapter, in contrast to her former spouse who is pretty blunt on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Therefore, it is up to the most plausible speculations as to what Rhodes has been up to lately, particularly in terms of her personal life.

What is Jill Rhodes’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

Sean, Jill’s ex-husband, has been securing big new deals at Fox for decades. His program, Hannity, has consistently ranked as Fox News’ top-rated program.

But the name that people want to use the most frequently for him is that of the highest-paid star on Fox. The 60-year-old with a $45 million income is supposedly the owner of a vast fortune valued at over $300 million.

After discussing that and leaving out his relatively recent divorce with Jill, it is obvious that Rhodes might have gained sizable gains—or even more—in terms of settlements and other outcomes—following the separation.

Although the ex-financial couple’s arrangements and the specifics of the divorce clause have not yet been made public.

However, there wouldn’t be much of a debate if one said that Rhodes’ net worth had increased by millions or perhaps by eight figures as a result of her breakup with the FBI skeptic.

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