Tanya Sam

Following news that Tanya Sam from the Real Housewives of Atlanta “accidentally” shared a topless photo of herself on Instagram, she is currently trending on Twitter.

We are unable to verify the authenticity of the image, which is going around on social media, or whether Tanya or a hacker posted it.

Fans, however, believe Tanya may have been acting in an attention-seeking manner.

What we do know, however, is that someone who had access to Tanya’s Instagram account uploaded a topless picture of Tanya and her husband Paul lying in bed.

People promptly took a screenshot of the image, and it is now going around on Twitter.

The photo was quickly removed from Tanya’s account. She hasn’t yet given an explanation of what happened.

Tanya Sam with her Fiance
Biography Zoom: Tanya Sam with her Fiance (Source: Instagram)

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