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Tsukumo Sana: Who Was She Before Hololive?

Tsukumo Sana is a member of the second generation of Hololive English Visual YouTubers. She started her career as one in 2021.

Tsukumo Sana is also known by the alias Nanashi Mumen, which alludes to the fact that she is incapable of remembering her real name due to legal reasons.

The first member of HoloEn to graduate from Hololive will be Vtuber Tsukumo Sana, according to a report published on Tuesday by Cover Corp.

The reason for her departure is rather complicated, Cover Corp continued.

Before Hololive: Tsukumo Sana’s Real-Life Past Identity & Face Reveal

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Tsukumo Sana is Nanashi Mumei, however, she performs as the character when she’s on stage, as suggested by her demeanor.

She hasn’t yet let her followers know who she really is.

Despite this, she has been very open with her devoted fans on a range of topics, including her personal preferences and those of her characters.

It is part of her duty as a protector of civilization on earth to gather and maintain track of the history of humanity in order to guarantee that it is not lost, despite her tendency to forget things.

Her second duty is to be a source of inspiration for others so that humanity as a whole might succeed in its objectives.

A very significant likelihood exists that Mumei has long been known by a different name. At this point, the only person she can think of is Mumei. Her general look was inspired by the barn owl, a species that is sometimes interpreted to stand for wisdom and intelligence.

She’s leaving, but why?

Sana became the first person to graduate from Cover Corp as the Hololive English Visual Youtuber when she announced that she would cease being a member of Hololive on July 31, 2022. The news was released on July 11, 2022.

She was unable to carry out her VTuber tasks as readily as she had in the past, according to Sana and a news statement from the COVER business.

Additionally, she said she wished she could stay forever for everyone and that she felt as though she were living in a fairy tale, adding that fairy tales “had to end.”

Before the news broke, her supporters clung to the hope that Sana’s resignation from Hololive had something to do with NASA’s simultaneous release of fresh images from the James Webb space telescope.

After that, Sana discussed the telescope images on Twitter, where she was showered with support from her followers.

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Details about Tsukumo Sana’s Back Injury


Tsukumo Sana pic
Biography Zoom: Tsukumo Sana pic (Source: Google)

According to Virtual Youtuber, Sana took a hiatus for most of February due to what was later determined to be a back injury that made it difficult for her to sit up when streaming.

A Valentine’s Day card stream, which took place on February 14 and followed her Pokémon Legends: Arceus live on February 1, was the only broadcast she posted to her channel during that month.

On March 8, Sana made her triumphant return to live streaming with a brief video in which she declared that she would keep up her broadcasting as soon as her recovery would allow it.

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