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Wanda Hutchins

Who is Wanda Hutchins?- Biography

Wanda Hutchins is Michael Strahan’s first wife. Her marriage to Michael Strahan propelled her into the spotlight. Michael played football with the New York Giants in the past. He now serves as a co-host for Good Morning America and Live with Kelly and Michael.

She and her husband are parents to two kids. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted four years before coming to an end.

She is one of the women who embraced and struggled through difficult circumstances in life from a young age. Wanda was able to live with more serenity and understanding of her past as a result.

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Quick Facts of Wanda Hutchins

Full Name Wanda Hutchins
Birthday June 6, 1973
Age  49 years old
Sun Sign Capricorn
Traits Positive– Practical, independent, and self-reliant
Negative– Procrastinating, stubborn, and impulsive
Birthplace Germany
Currently residing Missouri City, U.S.A
Nationality German and American
Parents Renate Hutchins (mother)
Grandparents No information
Siblings No information
Marital Status Divorced

Wanda Hutchins: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Renate Hutchins’ daughter Wanda Hutchins was born on June 6, 1973. She is German by birth.

The sign of Wanda is Cancer. Although realistic, independent, and self-reliant, cancerous women can also be impetuous, stubborn, and procrastinators.

“The tribe of the Vandals” is the meaning of the Polish name Wanda. The tribal name Wends appears to be where the name got its start. It is one of the Slavonic tribes that causes the most destruction.

Wanda Hutchins made the decision to pursue a profession in painting because she has always enjoyed it.

She attended a neighborhood high school in Germany. She is rumored to have a New York University alma mater and a graduation degree.

Wanda loves animals, as evidenced by the wonderful photos of cats and dogs on her Instagram. She also enjoys reading books on self-improvement. She frequently shares inspirational sayings and the covers of books she’s read.

She enjoys creating wood furniture for both inside and exterior décor. She also shares images of homemade crafts that include writing on love and life.

With vivid hues, her works express her love of art and her upbeat attitude.

With bluish-brown eyes and short, lustrous brown hair, Hutchins is a stunning woman. She is 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall.

Wanda Hutchins
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Relationship Status of Wanda Hutchins

Gene Willie Strahan gave birth to Michael Strahan in Houston, Texas, on November 21, 1971. Michael, his father was a major in the American Army stationed in Germany. At the German Benjamin Franklin community, he first ran into Wanda.

Wanda Hutchins was 12 years old when she first met Michael, who was 14 at the time. She spent seven years dating him. When he wed her, he was 21 years old. In 1992, they got hitched.

The first child of the pair was born on November 10, 1992. Things, however, were not going well because Michael was preoccupied during the height of his fame and profession.

In 1995, they soon had their second child.

The pair found it challenging to reconcile their differences at such a young age because things did not exactly go as planned. Hence, roughly two years after the birth of their second child in 1996, they filed for divorce.

There were some charges from Michael’s side, even though Wanda did not mention any particular cause for their divorce beyond their inexperience and understanding gaps.

Following the divorce, Michael wed Jean Muggli in 1999; their union dissolved in 2006. He soon started dating Nicole Murphy, the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, for seven years. In 2014, Michael and Nicole split up in a messy fashion.

After her divorce, Wanda is pursuing her work and has not formally proclaimed that she is dating anyone.

Tanita Strahan, the child of Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchins, was born to him after his divorce from his first wife. Tanita Strahan, her daughter, was born there and attended a German school. At the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, she pursued an artistic education.

Tanita, who is now 28 years old, is a well-known artist in Germany.

Michael Anthony Strahan Jr., her second child, was born in 1995. When his parents split up, he was about two years old. He briefly lived with his mother in Germany, attended school in Texas, and is currently pursuing a degree in psychology in Houston.

Michael Jr., 25, doesn’t use social media much, but his Instagram postings show that he likes basketball and working in teams outside. Michael Strahan uploaded a photo of himself in college.

Yet, according to some publications, she had a son named Dorian in 2001 as a result of her prior relationships; the father’s identity is still unclear.

Wanda took over as the family’s primary provider for the three members who lived in Germany after the divorce. Michael assisted with childcare and made infrequent visits.

But a single mother raised the kids, and she later brought them to the United States.

Michael Strahan, who stopped playing in the NFL in 2007 and began working in the media, began dating immediately after the divorce. He is currently living in Houston with his four children after two failed marriages.

Wanda relocated to Germany to raise her kids. Since getting divorced, she has kept a low profile since she did not want additional attention. After her divorce, Wanda was generally not given much media attention. Her most recent run-in with controversy occurred during Michael Strahan’s second annulment.

Michael’s second wife, Jean Muggli, revealed throughout the hearing that he is gay. When Wanda spoke up, the accusation was dropped against her ex-husband. Nonetheless, compared to his first divorce, Michael Strahan was required to pay a substantially higher settlement per child.

She didn’t accuse him or get into a heated argument with him while they were apart. She, on the other hand, defended him as a faithful man and a decent father throughout and after their divorce. With regard to Michael and Jean’s divorce, it was advantageous.

Wanda agreed with her ex-father-in-law that Jean was a bad match for Michael and even accused her of being harsh for cursing her kids and predicting their demise.

She seemed to have made amends with her ex-in-law and developed a warm relationship with her ex-husband. Michael has apologized for not appreciating Wanda more and has lauded their relationship ever since their divorce.

Wanda, however, never spoke to the media about her private or professional life. As a result, until Michael’s second divorce, her career is somewhat of a mystery to the public.

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Wanda Hutchins: Profession, Career

Wanda works as an interior designer. She established “Wandaful House Designs” and is its proprietor.

She has also served as Strahan Global Outreach’s vice president and executive director since 2012. After the divorce, Wanda pursued her career with success. She currently makes about $48,000 a year and resides in Houston, Texas.

Hutchins has up to now lived a life of luxury and driving a BMW X5.

She was vice president and executive director of Strahan Global Outreach for a nonprofit organization in 2012. It provides customer services for household furnishings and appliances used in home décor.

A successful interior designer, Wanda Hutchins has a net worth of USD 2 million. Some of the money from her divorce settlement has also been given to her.

Social Media Presence

Unlike her daughter, who has an active Instagram account and is well-known in the media as a German visual artist who works on paints, ink, watercolor, and digital art, Michael Strahan’s ex-wife avoids the spotlight.

On her Instagram account, which she named after her office, she only has 241 active followers.

Wanda and her daughter have a classic style, as there aren’t many images of them online. In the photographs that are available, they wear casual dresses with deep v-cuts that are comfortable and black formal attire that is domineering. Tanita is also known for openly displaying her passion for art, particularly the use of ink in her paintings.

Her daughter frequently uploads images of their time together on her Instagram feed, and both of the children appear to get along well with their father. He is now a well-known media figure who hosts television programs.

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