David Salman

What Caused The Death Of David Salman? Horticulturalist, Plant Breeder

On June 5, 2022, horticulturist and Plant breeder David Salman passed away. David’s death appears to have been brought on by aging.

Salman, a 20-something Colorado State University alumnus who met Ava in a microbiology class in 1984, created Santa Fe Greenhouses. Rufina Street at the time only had one greenhouse.

The nursery immediately gained recognition for its creative labeling and marketing of perennial plants, which last longer than the annual blooming plants that were popular at the time due to their vibrant appearance and affordable production costs.

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Salman was constantly searching for local and invasive plant species that will survive and thrive in the Santa Fe region.

David Salman’s cause of death, Obituary

It has been assumed that David Salman died naturally and from old age. HaMakom The Place has posted his obituary.

David, a well-known gardener in the area who changed horticulture in the unusual desert environment of Northern New Mexico and elsewhere, passed away on June 5. He was 65.


Salman was raised in Houston after being born in Massachusetts and later moved to his family’s property in La Cueva, which is northeast of Glorieta. According to friends and family, Salman was well-known in Santa Fe as a knowledgeable expert in horticulture and “water-wise” landscape design, as well as a teacher and business owner.

David Salman’s Family

Aaron Salman, the couple’s kid, is named after David Salman’s wife, Ava Salman.

Ava Salman claims that David invented the idea of the western cottage garden, which is lush and brimming with flowers but produced from plants that are better suited to the soil and temperature of New Mexico and the West than any of those found in English cottage gardens.

The pair started High Country Gardens as a mail-order garden business in 1993 after realizing that the West needed native pollinators and water-wise plants. For gardeners and landscape architects, its catalog is a need.

Ava Salman claims that David’s life was motivated by a love for spreading knowledge and promoting sustainable gardening. In the West and beyond, it was a crusade that brought about significant change.

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About David Salman’s Net Worth

David Salman’s actual net worth is unknown, and no official records exist to support it.

In the course of his career, he released several well-liked plants onto the market, such as a variety of “hummingbird mint,” or Agastache, and the cold-tolerant salvia Raspberry Delight, which has fragrant, raspberry-colored blooms.

In quest of plants that could weather the severe winters of Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, he ventured as far as South Africa.


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