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The Houston Astros of Major League Baseball and Jim Crane’s contributions to the city of Houston are what make him most well-known in those capacities. His ex-wife, Franci Neely, gained notoriety in baseball circles as a result.

Fans are interested in Neely’s present activities despite the fact that the couple is no longer together. Let’s learn more about Jim Crane’s ex-wife, Franci Neely Crane.

She Were Married To Jim Crane For More Than Two Decades

He acquired millions of dollars in a divorce settlement.
Franci Neely Was Involved In Law
Before separating, Jim Crane, the owner of the Houston Astros, and Franci Neely Crane were wed for 21 years. After nearly two decades together, the former couple divorced in February 2015 after getting married in 1993.

When they first met, Franci, whose real name is Francigena Neely Beck, worked as a prominent lawyer for a firm. Soon after, the couple was hitched, and they spent several years living happily ever after. The former couple didn’t have any kids together.

Theresa Crane and Jim Crane were previously married, hence this was not Jim Crane’s first divorce. The two children of Jim and Theresa, Krystal and Jared, may have been little during their father’s second marriage.

During the protracted custody battle between the Houston Astros chairman and his first wife, Jim Crane’s then-wife, Franci was also by his side. Neely even reportedly spoke out against news reporters covering court proceedings, according to the Houston Press.

After a fierce struggle between the Cranes, Jim was awarded custody of his kids. As a devoted wife, Franci helped her husband raise Jared and Krystal Crane Thomson in a loving home.

The two kids of Jim Crane are known to be close friends with Franci. Although the reasons for Crane and Neely’s separation are unknown, it is clear that they mutually separated their marriage in 2015.

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He acquired millions of dollars in a divorce settlement

As was previously mentioned, Jim Crane and his ex-wife divorced in February 2015, and it is one of the priciest divorces in history. Throughout their marriage, Jim had earned millions of cash, and he even bought the Houston Astros for almost $400 million.

Due to the million dollars, Crane had accumulated over the years, the divorce of the Houston Astros was expensive. Many predicted that he would sell the franchise to raise money for his divorce because few baseball executives, like Frank McCourt and John Moores, had done so before.

The divorce of Neely and Crane had no effect on the Astros or the team’s payroll. Jim’s personal riches, on the other hand, went to Franci for $30 million. However, given that the settlement also included interests, properties, investments, and other things, the amount is probably understated.

Along with receiving millions of dollars, Franci also received the luxury property she shared with her ex-husband. One of the few possessions Franci Neely preserved after the divorce was a home in Broadacres with a patio decorated in Moroccan style, a pool, and a summer kitchen.

The 16,454-square-foot property, which is rumored to be worth $18 million, was placed up for sale in 2020. Although it is uncertain if the property has been sold, Jim Crane’s ex-wife undoubtedly leads a prosperous life based on the gifts she got following the divorce.

Years after their divorce, Franci Neely Crane’s ex-husband is now wed to Whitney Crane and they have a son together, James Robert Crane II. On the other hand, Franci appeared to be having a great time.

Franci Neely Was Involved In Law

Jim Crane’s ex-wife works hard, even if the money she earned after the divorce made her wealthier than before. According to reports, Franci Neely Crane earned a degree with honors from the University of Texas, Auston School of Law.

Franci was also a lawyer at Susman Godfrey L.L.P., where Jim Crane’s ex-wife spent twenty years doing commercial litigation. Later, Neely became a partner at the company and remained there until she decided to stop practicing law.

Neely has long been involved in the Houston art scene and is also a philanthropist for the arts. She co-founded and served as chairwoman of the Houston Cinema Arts Society. Currently serving on the organization’s board of directors is Franci.

Jim Crane’s ex-wife appeared in a popular video. Franci Neely Crane is a well-known Houston socialite and philanthropist who first gained notoriety as Jim Crane’s wife, as was already mentioned. However, she has recently come under fire from the general public after a video of her berating a family went viral.

In the video, Franci is heard speaking to a family who is having a photo shoot for their daughter’s birthday. At one point, Neely appears to grab the props and swing toward the camera. She then walked her dog down the street to her parked car.

The couple in the video dialed 911, and Houston prosecutors looked into the incident. On the other side, Neely was not charged, and the class A assault claim was dropped.

After the video went viral, Neely apologized and regretted offending anyone. She pleaded for viewers to pardon her in a YouTube video. Franci sent an email in response to a news outlet’s request for her comment on the incident, admitting that she had also received violent hate mail.

Several recordings of Franci Neely Crane confronting people have surfaced online, despite the fact that she was never charged with a felony in connection with the alleged attack. It is uncertain if Jim Crane’s ex-wife has acted in any way about the further videos.

Since then, Franci Neely has maintained a low public profile and hasn’t been seen out and about. We do, however, hope she is enjoying herself.

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