Austin Theory Allegations

The Speaking Out Movement?

Like many other well-known figures, professional wrestler Austin Theory was accused of sending a youngster indecent Snapchat messages during the Speaking Out movement.

Bodybuilder and professional wrestler Austin Theory, real name Austin White, hails from the United States.

He currently works for WWE, where he competes on the Raw brand under the ring name Theory and has a contract for the Money in the Bank match.

He wrestled independently before joining WWE, representing numerous World Wrestling Network-affiliated organizations and capturing the WWN Championship, the FIP World Heavyweight Championship, and the Evolve Championship.

Let’s find out more about Austin Theory and investigate the accusations and debate in further detail.

Speaking Out Allegations Under the Austin Theory: The Debate

Austin Theory Allegations
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During the Speaking Out campaign in 2020, a 13-year-old admirer of Austin Theory made accusations.

The youngster said Theory held her too closely during a photo shoot at an event and sent her indecent messages on Snapchat.

According to Pro Sports Extra, the 13-year-old known as Tay did not offer any tangible proof of Austing’s crime but instead posted some screenshots of their photo shoot. She did not, however, post screenshots of her interaction with Austin.

When they first met at a gathering, Austin requested for the child’s Snapchat account and added her.

Theory allegedly sent the girl multiple offensive texts after they were added to Snapchat.

He also lost it when Tay wanted to keep their conversation between them a secret and stored the texts on Snapchat.

Despite his strong performance in the ring and successful career overall, Austin has been in hot water ever since the claims were made, and a sizable portion of fans have grown hostile to the professional wrestler.

WWE hasn’t yet taken any action in response to the Austin Theory crisis, but according to Fansided, WWE needs to make drastic changes to get the situation under control.

Austin Theory’s wife is who?

Austin Theory is not yet married, hence he does not have a wife.

Nevertheless, according to Mixed Article Theory, he is currently seeing Jordyn Leonard, his girlfriend.

The couple has been together for more than four years and is currently enjoying Florida to the fullest.

They both enjoy working out, which has improved their compatibility. They don’t seem to be close to finalizing their plans for the wedding. Jordyn works as an online instructor who also provides private coaching, according to her Instagram bio.

Theory, who can be found on Instagram using the handle @austin theory, does not share any pictures of his partner with his followers.

How much money is Austin Theory worth?

Austin Theory
Biography Zoom: Austin Theory (Source: Google)

By 2022, Austin Theory’s net worth might be $5 million or such.

As of right now, he hasn’t disclosed anything about his current net worth online or to the general public.

As you read this story, we are trying to confirm his exact net worth; if confirmed, the information will be made public.

The same goes for the possibility that his professional wrestling job is his main source of money. With endorsement deals and winning bonuses from WWE, he might as well earn some extra cash, though the precise sums are yet unknown.

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