Jennifer Pan

Jennifer Pan, a Canadian-born Vietnamese immigrant’s daughter Bich Ha Pan and Huei Hann Pan came very close to planning the ideal homicide.

Pan carefully plotted her parents’ execution with the aid of her drug-dealing boyfriend.

The intention was to make it appear as though a heist went wrong, but Jennifer’s father actually survived.

Bich Ha Pan was instantaneously killed as the hitmen fired three bullets into her head. Hann Pan was struck in the head and shoulder by bullets.

He miraculously lived and kept all of his recollections from that evening. Hann’s testimony confirmed the notion that Jennifer was the plan’s primary organizer.

In 2039, 25 years after her conviction, Jennifer will have the opportunity to be released from prison

Jennifer was Bich Ha Pan and Huei Hann Pan’s “golden child.” After Saigon fell, Bich and Hann each moved to Canada on their own.

Felix and Jennifer are their two children from their marriage and union. The two were able to purchase a sizable home in a quiet residential neighborhood with the money they earned from their employment at the auto parts firm Magna International.

Hann in particular, along with Bich, set high standards for their offspring. They started Jennifer taking piano lessons when she was four years old, and subsequently, they introduced her to figure skating.

The pressure from Jennifer’s parents to succeed in everything became apparent. Jennifer had started cutting herself around the eighth grade.

When Jennifer wasn’t chosen valedictorian and didn’t earn a medal for her academic achievements, she reached her lowest point.

Jennifer pretended to be pleased while actually being inconsolable. When she didn’t succeed in her objectives, Jennifer would suffer from feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and self-doubt.

She believed that she was failing her parents. “You know all we want from you is just your best.

Just do what you can,” Hann reassured Jennifer. Jennifer earned a B grade at the conclusion of ninth grade.

Although a B is not a horrible grade, her parents insisted on As. She then resorted to falsifying grades in order to seem to be an A student.

Jennifer spent years spinning a web of lies before her parents realized she had never graduated from high school and hadn’t even begun the pharmacy degree they had assumed she had enrolled in.

They were shocked to learn that Daniel Wong was Jennifer’s covert boyfriend. After her parents placed more constraints on her, Daniel ended their relationship.

Jennifer planned to murder her parents because she couldn’t handle the heartache they had caused her.

She would get $500,000 in additional wealth and be able to move in with Daniel. Jennifer said during the trial that she hired hitmen to kill her rather than her parents, but the plan backfired.

She was given a life sentence without the possibility of release when the court judged her guilty. In 2039, Jennifer will be able to apply for parole.

She has plenty of time before that to consider the effects of her actions.

In his victim impact statement, Hann said, “I hope my daughter Jennifer thinks about what has occurred to her family and can eventually become a nice honest person.

Jennifer’s father, unable to work and troubled by nightmares, has a hopeless life

Hann wrote, “I lost my wife and my daughter at the same moment.” “I no longer feel like I am a part of a family.

Some people say I should be grateful to be alive, yet I also feel dead. After Jennifer’s conviction, Hann and his son Felix stopped speaking with her completely.

Even though Hann survived the attack, it had a lasting impact on him. He has nightmares, and panic attacks, and is unable to work.

Nothing Hann does make him happy; he is in continual pain. He is unable to dwell in his home, therefore he is housed with family. The house has been put up for sale by Hann, but no one is interested.

Felix relocated to the East Coast in order to distance himself from the stigma associated with Jennifer Pan.

He is depressed anyway, and he has shut down. Jennifer wanted to be free of the restrictions her parents had set on her, but her actions wound up hurting a much larger number of people.

Jennifer Pan's parents
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