Laura Kightlinger

Fans are curious about Laura Kightlinger’s plastic surgery, particularly on her face, who plays Laura on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Her jaw and skull have undergone surgery in the past. View the before and after photos of her.

American actor, comedian, and writer Laura Kightlinger work in these fields. On Will & Grace, she contributed as a writer and consultant producer in addition to occasionally playing Nurse Sheila.

The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman is another television program that Kightlinger created, wrote, and oversaw the production of.

On a personal level, Laura Kightlinger has recently been the focus of online plastic surgery rumors. Did she undergo surgery? Now let’s talk.

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Fans Are Curious About Laura Kightlinger’s Weird-Looking Face After Her Plastic Surgery

Laura Kightlinger
Biography Zoom: Laura Kightlinger (Source: Google)

The stand-up comedian, actor, and writer Laura Kightlinger is said to have undergone several plastic surgery surgeries. People typically find her “awful” chin and cheek augmentations offensive.

To be fair, the actress isn’t getting these surgeries to improve her looks; rather, she’s getting them to fix a degenerative jaw issue that’s causing her to lose her teeth and get awful headaches.

Laura has had operations on her jaw and skull due to her ailment. She had excruciating headaches because her chin was out of alignment and her bones weren’t joined properly.

You’ve probably heard her tell amusing tales about her numerous therapies and clinical x-rays if you’ve seen her stand-up performance. By the way, she is still undergoing the operations as part of her treatment plan.

However, because of her purported plastic surgery and the apparent alteration in her look, people have recently been more interested in her.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm actor’s face has undergone numerous jaw and skull surgery, as we have mentioned. She was losing her teeth as a result of a degenerative jaw condition, therefore she has additional surgeries scheduled for the future.

The operations might have caused a small distortion of her features. She looks great aside from it.

Relationship status for Laura Kightlinger: She once dated Jack Black

Laura Kightlinger is most recognized outside of her professional achievements as the former fiancée of musician/actor Jack Black. In 1997, the ex-couple started dating.

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When Laura and Jack first met, they probably got along because they both enjoyed the comedy. In keeping with their humorous selves, they went above and beyond to display PDAs when attending red-carpet events.

The “it” couple in the entire entertainment world at the time was Laura and her then-boyfriend Jack. The couple’s engagement naturally caused a flurry among supporters. They believed that getting married and starting a family was the logical next step.

But the relationship was never supposed to be permanent. After nine years of dating, Laura and Jack broke up in 2005. The separation was amicable, according to all reports.

After barely mourning their breakup, Laura and Jack entered the dating scene again. The former had a boyfriend by 2006, while the latter later married Tanya Haden.

Jack and Tanya have two kids together. Laura, who had gradually distanced herself from the dating world, did not have the same outcome. Her decision to travel with younger people was also unsuccessful.

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