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James Edward Glover, the best buddy of American biker Robert Beckowitz, killed him in July 1982.

While watching The Benny Hill Show in July 1982 with his fiancée Jeannine Clark, Robert Beckowitz’s buddy James Edward Glover approached him from behind and began shooting him in the back of the head with a 45-caliber bullet before attempting to stab him 83 times.

The fact that James and Jeannine were secretly having an affair may have influenced Glover’s decision to commit the crime.

Some Unseen Pictures Robert Beckowitz

In July 1982, Edward Glover, Robert Beckowitz’s closest friend, killed him. Before stabbing Robert 83 times, Glover shot Robert in the back of the head with a revolver chambered in.45 calibers.

Jeannine Clark, Robert Beckowitz’s girlfriend, had an illicit relationship with Edward Glover. The murder of Robert Beckowitz also included Clark.

The following three days were spent by Clark and Glover, who were then having an affair, dismembering Beckowitz’s dead body as part of a drug-fueled sex ritual.

Jeannine Clark and James Glover
Biography Zoom: James Glover unseen pictures (Source: Pinterest)

Even worse, they photographed themselves hacksawing him to pieces and positioning his body in different repugnant and demeaning stances, some of which featured them in their undies.

The pictures are far too graphic, despite the fact that they have been made public and are readily available online.

In one image, Robert has seen his skull severed, the toe of his severed foot in his mouth, and his body mutilated.

Beckowitz’s head, arms, and legs were missing from his body. After that, he was dismembered into 14 pieces and placed throughout the flat in plastic bags.

James Glover and Jeannine Clark, Where Are They Now?

Following the murder of Robert Beckowitz, James Glover and Jeannine Clark received prison sentences. For dismembering a corpse, Jeannine Clark was given a six-year prison sentence.

Jeannine Clark and James Glover unseen pictures
Biography Zoom: Jeannine Clark unseen pictures (Source: Pinterest)

For second-degree murder and mutilation, James Glover entered a guilty plea and received a sentence of 30 to 50 years in prison.

Having been coerced into taking part by Glover, Clark reported the incident to the Detroit police department over the phone.

Second-degree murder, criminal firearm use, and mutilation of a corpse were the charges brought against Glover.


Glover was determined to be competent to face all charges. For her part in the crime, Clark was initially not charged.

However, she was detained for breaking the terms of her parole after being convicted of the crime of aiding in a bank heist.

However, the district attorney chose to prosecute her for desecrating a body after finding photographic evidence showing her smiling next to the victim’s body and dismembering the corpse.

What transpired in the Robert Beckowitz Murder Case?

In July 1982, Robert Beckowitz was watching the Benny Hill Show in his apartment in northwest Detroit’s 19300 block of Woodbine with his friend James Edward Glover, age 37, and his girlfriend Jeannine Lynn Clark, age 21.

The fact that Glover and Clark were secretly having an affair may have helped to reveal Glover’s true motivation for the crime.

Glover, who had spinal problems and used a walking stick to move about, interrupted the show to go retrieve one of Beckowitz’s firearms.

Beckowitz was fatally wounded with a 45-caliber handgun shot from behind by Glover before being stabbed 83 times.


Glover and Clark consumed methanfedine over the course of the following three days then cut Beckowitz’s body with a hacksaw they had borrowed from Glover’s parents while taking pictures of themselves with the body. On July 20, 1982, Clark called the police and admitted everything.

Glover was taken into custody after being found extremely drugged and sedated.

Clark, who was also detained, claimed Glover took her hostage and that she was detained for failing to comply with a charge of bank robbery. It was determined that Glover was mentally fit to stand trial.

He subsequently entered a plea agreement promising not to receive a life sentence in exchange for admitting to second-degree murder, mutilating a corpse, and using a handgun in the criminal murder.

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