Hearing someone pass away is never pleasant, and it is especially upsetting when a child is involved. On Monday, November 8, 2021, the influential family of Judah Jackson revealed the death of their youngest kid.

Verlonda Jackson, his mother, posted information about her son’s lake accident on social media. After 15 months of suffering, the accident left her son with brain damage.

We will talk about his family and the cause of death in this piece because many people are interested in his abrupt death given that he was healthy before dying.

Judah Jackson: Family

Judah jackson
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The Jackson Family is one of the well-known families that first gained notoriety in that year. Online, they are also referred to as Jackson Family Values.

Verlonda and Tariq Jackson’s family became well-known after they went viral. On their Instagram accounts, they had posted adorable pictures of their daughter Ava embracing their oldest son Tariq Jr. as he came off the school bus. A view of the article is provided below.

Since then, they have gained popularity and are now on YouTube where they share adorable family moments with their viewers. Currently, they have over 396K subscribers. Below is a link to their social media handles.

@thejacksonfamilyvalues on Instagram

Jackson Family Values on YouTube

His pronouncement of death

On November 8, 2021, the Jackson family announced the passing of their youngest son. Verlonda Jackson, the child’s devoted and caring mother, shared the sad news of her son’s passing on Instagram.

She wrote, “Sweet baby, Mommy tried,” as the caption for the Instagram photo. I made every effort. Over the past 15 months, I spent all of my energy attempting to save you. It was worthwhile, too. Love from a mother is always worthwhile. I was willing to put everything on the line to see you succeed, and you were. You were making such great progress when suddenly, and like a thief in the night, God took you away. ………. Beautiful boy, sleep soundly. I’m truly sorry.

Many commenters on her Instagram post made an effort to console the family and conveyed their love. Below are a few of the comments that they wrote.

“Please don’t apologize; you’re brave; you tried your best. What no longer has a physical body yet exists in our hearts. We are unable to fathom the suffering you are experiencing. I only hope his death brings you some peace. I’m very sorry this has happened to your lovely family. Peace be with you, young son.

You have my undying love. I sincerely apologize. There is no more pain for him. He is with God. entire and restored.

“Sister, we are all deeply sorry for the enormous loss you and your family must bear. This one is so difficult to fathom. We love y’all,” one of us said.

I’m very sorry, I swear. You did everything you could for this brave prince, mom. God decided to remove him from his suffering. Similar to Michael Phelps, he is swimming, playing, and running. You and your family have my sincere condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

“Verlonda, you and your entire family are PRAYED FOR DEEPLY. Since there is nothing anyone can say at this time to console you, I will just pray that God’s presence would be upon you and your entire family.

What went wrong with him?

Well, here is how the incident plays out. On November 9, 2020, the Jackson family visited a nearby park. For the family, it was supposed to be a special and enjoyable time. Unfortunately, Judah walked too far out and drowned in a nearby lake. He was brought to the hospital, but he afterward felt better. Although the physicians were able to preserve his life, he sustained terrible brain damage, and his chances of ever being able to walk, talk, think, feed himself, see, or move as he did before were only 20%.

Despite the small prospects, there was always hope. They, therefore, established a GoFundMe campaign to assist with Judah’s medical expenses. Verlonda Jackson started it on August 28 with the initial intention of raising $1,000. The family received a lot of love and support, and as of now, they have raised more than USD 174,583 thanks to the generosity of around 4.1 K donors.

Here is a documentary-style video that his mother posted on August 10, 2021, one year after the incident to reflect on what transpired that day and his rehabilitation since then.

His parents approved of the name Judas.

They were delighted to give their son, who was struggling for his life, the name Judah. Verlonda and Tariq Jackson.

We have always liked the name Judah, her mother said. Given that our boy is quite strong and since Judas is a member of Jesus’ family tree and a lion from the tribe of Judah, we are now delighted we chose this biblical name for him. He is a lion-like warrior. We are overjoyed. Even though we didn’t know what had happened to him at the time, we settled on the name we came up with. It is the ideal fit for him. What a wonderful name.

It is also revealed that although he suffered a mild skin discoloration known as jaundice at birth, everything else appeared to be in order.

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