Donnie Long Boxer

Where Is Donnie Long Boxer Right Now? Jailed Age 18, He Challenged To Mike Tyson

Learn about the fight that night in Tyson’s career.

Mike Tyson’s ninth professional opponent was Donnie Long. Although his career suffered after his fight with Tyson, overall things turned out good for him.

Where Is Donnie Long Boxer Now?

Wikipedia does not currently have a page for Donnie Long. Following his illustrious match with Iron Mike Tyson, the boxer’s career ended. After losing to Tyson, he competed in seven more fights, only managing one victory.

With a 16-10 record since his retirement, he. At the time, Long had a second business selling drugs. He was wanted for five years after being accused of five charges of drug trafficking in 1988.


He spent some time in hiding in Alabama before choosing to take control of his life and surrender to the police. In 2005, he served as an associate minister at Akron, Ohio’s Mount Lebanon Baptist Church.

Was Donnie Long Jailed For Murder At Age 18?

Long killed Jeffrie Boyd in an argument at an Akron pool hall in 1975 when he was 18 years old. He asserted that he shot Boyd in self-defense, saying that he was entrapped and had just been trying to fire a warning shot.

Long was given a sentence of 15 years to life in jail, but a higher court freed him in 1981 on the grounds that his trial was invalid. He started his professional boxing career that year.

Regrettably, the US Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the decision and sent Long back to jail in 1984.

His release came in 1985. With victories in his next two fights, Long was offered a $5,000 fight against Tyson in Atlantic City in November 1985.

Who Is the Wife of Donnie Long?


When Jeffrie Boyd was out on parole for killing her brother, Long married Jeffrie Boyd’s sister.

Neither Donnie nor Margaret Long ever dated or wed. One day while they were in the city, they entered the courtroom and were married by a judge who was unaware he was an accessory to a parole violation.

They waited a few weeks to make the announcement because they didn’t want anyone to suffer a heart attack. In 1975, Long, then 18 years old, killed Jeffrie Boyd in a pool hall in Akron.

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