Sharkeisha Thompson

A teenage woman named Sharkeisha was shown in a viral video in late 2013 severely sucker-punching her classmate ShaMicheal Manuel. The footage went viral as meme stars used it to create a startling video.

Surprisingly, the majority of people laughed at the video, drowning out the few sane individuals who recognized it for what it was—a terrible assault.

ShaMicheal’s photos revealed that she had a busted lip and a black eye.

Although the attack took place almost eight years ago, memes based on the footage continue to circulate on social media under the name Sharkeisha.

According to reports, Instagram model Sharkeisha is from New York

According to MTO News in January 2021, Sharkeisha is an Instagram model who resides in New York.

The publication displayed lewd images of a lady it identified as Sharkeisha but omitted to include her social network handles.

Following her arrest, Sharkeisha developed a clandestine online persona, likely in an effort to avoid the media attention that the viral video brought.

Although @sharkeisha baby’s account is still active online, we believe it to be a hoax.

A photograph of Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson, 22, who was detained in Charlotte, North Carolina, in August 2011, is included in the account.

If the account belonged to the Sharkeisha from the video, she wouldn’t have used a false arrest photo.

Sharkeisha Thompson
Biography Zoom: Sharkeisha Thompson (Source: Google)

Following the incident, a Twitter user by the moniker of Queen

Sharkeisha published tweets in honor of her increased fame. She wrote, “I’m trending in Africa!” “I had no idea that they had internet access there. I feel well-known.

Thousands of people followed Queen Sharkeisha, who is still in existence. She can only access her tweets through persons she has allowed.

Over time, erroneous allegations that Sharkeisha had passed away have surfaced. According to the initial rumor, Sharkeisha was killed in a hit-and-run.

The second rumor was that Sharkeisha had been shot in a drive-by. According to the accounts, Sharkeisha and her buddy were shot at by assailants on foot. The friend allegedly made it through, but Sharkeisha perished.

ShaMichael Manuel, the victim, believed that the assault would follow her throughout her life

If their friend hadn’t videotaped and published the video, Sharkeisha’s attack on ShaMichael would have likely gone unnoticed.

Authorities detained Sharkeisha and accused her of assault after seeing the footage.

Unaware of Sharkeisha’s trap, ShaMichael had gone to her residence to retrieve items that belonged to her. ShaMichael admitted to being “simply in shock” to KHOU-TV.

I thought, “Oh my God. She did this really? You’re meant to be a close friend of mine.

ShaMichael reported that Sharkeisha didn’t seem any different from when the two spoke in class hours earlier. She went on to say that Sharkeisha was most likely upset about a boy that they both liked.

When the video went viral, Manuel’s mother, Olevia Henderson, contacted the media after originally letting the police handle the problem. As Henderson stated to HuffPost:

“Since the video was uploaded, jokes regarding it have been made. A man down here made a rap about it, and Kevin Hart made amusing comments about it.

The first week is that. There is no response from the police. I then phone the news channel because horrible remarks about my kid are being made online and Sharkeisha is being praised.

ShaMicheal’s injuries had already healed by the time she made an appearance on HuffPost, but the scar from being attacked and humiliated in front of the world online would never go away.

I’m going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life, she stated, according to The Daily Mail. How would you feel if your daughter and son were the ones who had that happen to them?

Every time Olevia saw the video or observed how people responded to it, she was reminded of how to hurt her daughter was. Added her:

“The girl was inspecting my groceries when I was in the grocery shop. Just laughing and chatting about it, the baggers.

When I revealed that the woman in the video was my daughter, their entire expression altered.

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