Lily Peters

Police opened a homicide investigation into Lily Peters’ death after finding her body, and they also apprehended a young person in connection with the alleged murder.

According to Police Chief Matthew Kelm, “the suspect was not a stranger; the suspect was known to the victim.” “We do not now perceive any threat to the community,”

Police haven’t disclosed the suspect’s name or their relationship to Lily, presumably because of their age. Chief Kelm didn’t say whether the suspect had been charged by the police.

He said, “There’s still a lot of work to be done.” “During this tragic time, our thoughts remain with the family,”

Someone has requested that people remember Lily’s parents in their prayers

Alexander Peters and Jennifer Eyerly, Lily Peters’ parents, are understandably grieved by their daughter’s passing. They haven’t made any public comments on Lily’s passing yet.

On Facebook, a relative stepped up for them and pleaded for everyone to pray for the distressed family. According to Heavy, the Facebook post stated (in part):

Please offer prayers for my sister’s family. At 9:15 this morning, Lilly’s body was discovered in the forested area next to the trail.

Lilly was the younger sister of my niece and nephew, and everyone is horrified and inconsolable right now. Please offer prayers for Lilly’s brothers, Alexander Peters and Jennifer Eyerly, as well.

Lily Peters
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When Lily didn’t come home, her father phoned the police

The night Lily vanished, her family last witnessed her leaving her aunt’s home.

At nine o’clock at night, after Lily hadn’t arrived home, her father, Alexander Peters, dialed the police. The police’s original press announcement read as follows:

“Officers discovered that Lily’s family members last saw her in the evening. She was expected to return to her house in the 50 block of East Birch Street.

She was not found despite officers and family searching the area and contacting friends and family.

Her bicycle was discovered after a search by the Chippewa Falls Police Department at a walking path close to her aunt’s residence and the Leinenkugel Brewery Parking lot.

The entire night, police conducted door-to-door and K9 team searches. They discovered the bike in an area where a drone was hovering.

The following day, authorities discovered Lily’s death and started an inquiry. The police chief praised everyone for their suggestions, which helped to quickly solve the case.

Two memorials have been erected locally in Lily’s honor, and downtown light posts have been decorated with purple ribbons.

For pupils who are struggling, the school district has therapy dogs and counselors available.

Local resident Lance Nicolai told WCCO, “I do feel awful; my condolences is to the family. “I’ve seen the young girl about.

There isn’t much time. The town of Chippewa Falls is a good one. We grow as a community and become stronger when senseless events like this occur.

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