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Who is Abel Flores, the husband of Rosie Rivera? Her Personal Life

Rosie Rivera

An entrepreneur, philanthropist, and television personality, Rosie Rivera is also. She may be recognizable to you from Rica, Famosa, Latina and I Love Jenni.

However, her business, where she once served as the CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, is where her success story originates.

However, Rosie’s life has been the subject of a lot of terrible headlines, particularly since the 2012 death of Jenni Rivera’s sister.

Since then, Rosie has had to assume Jenni’s role at the company, but in June of last year, Rosie announced her resignation, with a somewhat contentious explanation.

Rosie still has her husband and children, which makes her life work well in spite of the awful news regarding the Rivera family.

Is Rosie Rivera married to Abel Flores?

Abel Flores and Rosie Rivera have been wed since 2011. Together, Abel and Rosie have experienced both good times and bad. Still, it all began with some difficult obstacles, just like Rosie’s life journey.

Christian musician and worship leader Abel Flores. Although her spouse is ten years her junior, Rosie repeatedly emphasized in her interview that he is the ideal partner for her.

Despite the fact that they first met when Abel was just sixteen years old, the chemistry was evident right away.

Rosie experienced the security and safety that Abel offered without engaging in lengthy or in-depth chats. However, Rosie immediately recognized that Abel was advanced for his age.

One crucial detail to be aware of is the terrible trauma Rosie endured as a child, which Abel assisted her in overcoming.

In her book My Broken Pieces: Mending the Wounds from Sexual Abuse Through Faith, Family, and Love, published in February 2016, she discussed it.

At a Long Beach church, Abel and Rosie had their first encounter. Abel, who was a member of the church choir, was mentioned in Rosie’s book.

Rosie was immediately attracted to him. Pedro Rivera, her brother, also served as a pastor there.

The two soon began dating since Abel shared the same sentiment. However, a lot of people opposed them, including the church and Rosie’s family.

So, back then, life for Rosie and Abel was extremely turbulent.

Rosie Rivera and husband Abel Flores
Biography Zoom: Rosie Rivera and husband Abel Flores (Source: Google)

How do Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores feel at ease discussing challenging topics with one another?

Even though they were aware that no one backed them, they still wanted to continue being together. They became stronger as a result.

Even though they were aware that no one was in favor of their relationship, they still wanted to travel together.

The couple was married soon away once Abel turned 18 and achieved legal age in 2011; they wasted no time.

This pair may demonstrate to the world that they have succeeded after more than ten years of marriage.

Abel and Rosie COULD work on their problems and live the life they had always desired, despite the fact that they COULD have divorced once.

On their joint radio program and podcast called The Power of Us, Abel and Rosie frequently shared their personal experiences.

They discuss everything that we all need to be reminded of, including how it feels to be rejected, how to work toward a successful marriage, and, surprisingly, the reason Rosie nearly filed for divorce. The last element will be covered shortly.

This famous couple demonstrated how they may have meaningful yet enjoyable interactions with one another in the episode titled “REJECTION in Marriage.”

Rosie talked about her painful background and experiencing so many rejections as a young girl—from her prior boyfriends, her friends, and even her family.

And despite their ten-year gaps, it is clear that her spouse is able to keep up with her and even give her a thorough hearing.

Additionally, we can observe how at ease they are with one another.

Abel talked openly about his feelings of rejection while Rosie’s spouse. Rosie doesn’t do it on purpose, of course, but she still values Abel’s emotions.

They are incredibly mature and show respect for one another by making such challenging conversations seem very simple.

I’m not sure what a healthy relationship would mean if not that. The Power of Us’ main goal is to assist existing couples in “strengthening their bond” and “communicating.”

In one of her films for The Power of Us, Rosie remarked, “Our society considers so many things as disposable, but relationships and marriages shouldn’t be characterized as such.”

And it appears that Abel and Rosie have already put it into practice. They are now widely regarded as icons, and the two have assisted numerous unhappy couples in overcoming their issues.

In addition to what they demonstrated in The Power of Us, Abel and Rosie frequently express their affection for one another on Twitter and Instagram.

They enjoy posting cute photos of themselves with elaborate remarks.

The two frequently shared memories of their experiences together on social media, as if they wished to spread their joy to everyone. Everyone wants what they have, let’s face it.

What Caused Rosie Rivera to Nearly File for Divorce?

Abel and Rosie appear to be a lovey-dovey couple all the time, but when you consider everything they have been through together and how they have continued to inspire people, you have to disagree.

Everything began in 2015 when Abel developed a gambling addiction. Even worse, he held the information from Rosie for a full six months.

In one of her interviews, Rosie described the incident: “When I opened his computer, I saw a bank account that was obviously not mine, it was only his, with a bank that we do not associate with, and I was extremely confused because there was a lot of money exchange, which came in and went out, daily, and I did not know where that money had come from.”

It was six months of deceit, and his addiction to the deck was the true issue, she said.

Despite the fact that it was not with another lady, I felt completely betrayed by the deceit and that, after so many lies, there was no chance for us.

Then Rosie ordered him to vacate the property for three months. Abel then understood that his love of gambling had cost him everything he had: his home, his family, and his money.

When I was prepared to sign the divorce papers and he was living in a hotel or, more accurately, in his car, Rosie remembered, he was able to react and say, “I have a problem, and I need help.”

After hearing that, she made the decision to give him another chance because Rosie still had feelings for him and thought her husband may mature.

Abel never again took advantage of a second opportunity; he never touched a deck of cards.

We can tell that they are always prepared to put in the hard work because Abel took his words seriously, followed through on them, and Rosie gave him another chance.

Indeed, there must be a sacrifice made on both sides when we live with someone we love. Once more, Abel and Rosie show us that they are capable of overcoming any challenge.

Are there kids between Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores?

Without a doubt, Abel and Rosie are meant to be together. And some of you guys may have guessed that they would also make wonderful parents. What’s this? You two are correct.

Kassey Rivera, Samantha Chay Flores, and Elias Melek Flores are their three children. Kassey, on the other hand, is Rosie’s child from a prior union with her ex-beau. But that doesn’t lessen Abel’s affection for her.

Abel and Rosie constantly strive to be kind and sympathetic parents. Being there for their children will always come first, no matter how busy they become.

“@sammychay_, I’m extremely happy to be your father. I see you and am eager to see what you will accomplish for God’s Kingdom. Abel posted “Te Amo” on his Instagram.

The photograph of him and Samantha at the beach was posted after that caption. To commemorate National Daughter’s Day, Abel published that. What a thoughtful guy!

Faith in God was a major factor in Abel and Rosie’s family’s ability to endure.

Significantly, since they met at church and were able to find strength in God, the couple wanted to provide their children with the same type of love.

And given how lovely this family is, it appears to be working. We wish they would continue in this state forever.

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